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It has been quite a difficult task having cancer and trying to look good in the process. First of all, there’s the hair loss, which I managed to combat by buying quite a lot of vintage scarves. However, I then found that it became difficult to match the scarves with my clothes because my summer style options tend to be quite colourful, and the colour-clash was not a good look! I’ve found myself resorting to mostly black clothing now, just so I can continue with my vintage scarf obsession, and so that I don’t have to think about alternative headwear. I’m lazy like that.

When I had my PICC line inserted, the next problem I encountered was the ugly cream bandage that the hospital supplied. As the weather got warmer, and my hot flushes started to become more regular, it was harder to keep my arms covered. At some stage, the quality of the bandage went from good to pretty poor (NHS cost-cutting, no doubt). They became more see-through, meaning there was no getting away from the fact that there was a line there, as it was so visible. I searched and searched the UK sites for an alternative cover and simply couldn’t find anything that would be good enough. Then I came across Sleek Sleeves

Sleek Sleeves are a US based company, selling a line of medical fashion products – their ‘mission to help individuals facing medical challenges to look good / feel better began in 2012, when SleekSleeves was founded’. Aside from PICC line covers, they also sell everything from tie-to-fit head scarves, shin and calf sleeves, knee sleeves and many other useful covers.

I personally just wanted a few black sleeves and was really happy to discover their site after asking around and not finding any in the UK. I bought two PICC line covers and the delivery was pretty fast, despite coming from the US. Throughout the time I was wearing my covers, people barely noticed I even had a line in and I felt a whole lot better about myself. It was such a great improvement on the standard hospital bandage and I even washed them without any issues at all. Problem. Solved.

Picc Line Covers
Win a SleekSleeves Care Package

After following Sleek Sleeves on Twitter they have kindly offered two of my lovely readers, who know someone with breast cancer or who are suffering with breast cancer themselves, the chance to win a SleekSleeves care package. If you fancy winning an arm band (pattern of your choice) and a Lauren’s Hope medical ID bracelet (A Thriver or a Hope Cuff), then simply enter below.

Good luck!

 &  – Thanks everyone for entering!

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