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Even though I live in London, I spend many of my shopping hours at Bluewater in Kent. I’ve always been partial to a shopping center, and Bluewater is unquestionably one of my favourites – It seems to be improving all the time. I never fail to get those must-have items and the cosy car journey beats battling the high streets and the tube any day!

We generally head out later in the evening, as the shops are open until 9pm and often choose to refuel at Yo Sushi, before continuing our shopping mission. Even after going so many times, I’ve only just realised how great the restaurant choice is at Bluewater, so it looks like things are going to change and I’m going to have to schedule in more time in for eating as well as browsing the stores!

Last Thursday, we decided to give Wahaca a go… I’m not sure why we haven’t made it to one of these restaurants sooner (we can’t eat 24/7, I guess), but let me tell you, I think we’ll be frequenting them a little more often from now on. Wahaca was first launched in 2007 by Thomasina Miers (2005 Master Chef winner) in the West End, and there are now seven establishments and two Mexican Street Kitchens serving up a selection of  burritos, tacos and salads in London locations. The focus is on Mexican street food here, and boy is it tasty!

Right from the off, our service was energetic and attentive, and our waitress was quick to fill us in on any details we needed to know. We probably  ordered a little more than we should have, but it is food to share and we managed to plough through it all between the two of us. Nothing disappointed and we left feeling extremely content and pretty happy about the more than reasonable bill at the end of it (around £15 per head).

I’m now looking for an excuse to head back to Wahaca Bluewater extremely soon…






Wahaca 1


Bluewater Wahaca


Wahaca Bluewater

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