Vintage Ahoy!

I love Vintage, but oddly enough have done very little about it.  Yes, I have a 1970’s vibe going on in my lounge and collect the odd tea set but aside from that, as well as lusting over vintage goods online, that’s about as vintage as I get. I’d love to wear more vintage fashion but the problem I have is that my eyes are always drawn to the really lairy  80’s gear. I’m currently pretty happy in my relationship and  am pretty sure I would be disowned if I decided to change my look and rewind to the 80’s, so for the moment I’ll stick with what I’ve got.

Last Sunday I decided it was about time that I headed to Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair in Bethnal Green. I’ve been on the mailing list for ages and finally managed to find a free Sunday and that all important friend to go with. There was a £2 entrance fee and the price of the goods totally surprised me. I’ve only been into a few Shoreditch retro shops and they obviously hike the prices up, but here everything was very reasonably priced and now I’ve got the bug!

Here are a few of the purchases I made ….

OK, so I found something lairy! This Skirt was a reasonable £15.

I LOVE this purse but have been using it all week and it STILL smells far too vintage! A snip at £4

This 1940’s umbrella was my ‘I don’t really need it, but I’ll get it’ purchase. I might just leave it on the lounge table as it looks good there and I have a bad reputation for loosing or breaking umbrellas…I’ll probably never use it! I think I payed over the odds for this but at £10 I couldn’t resist.

The Fair got a little overcrowded as we were due to leave for lunch so I’d advise getting there nice and early if you want to grab the bargains. They even had a little entertainment laid on and plenty of tea and cakes for those people that needed a pit stop. One of my highlights was watching the people who really didn’t get the vintage fashion right…There were some fashion shockers let me tell you!

The next fair is on 30th May at Spitalfields, London – You can see all upcoming events here:


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