Two By Two

Noah was onto a good thing there when he lead the animals onto the ark. Everything in two’s… It’s the best way to do it!

I’m a short arse and find it pretty hard to find many clothes that fit me. When it fits, it fits, so now I generally buy things in two’s. For a moment there I went a bit mad and bought three of a few key items. I’m glad I did because I wore them to death… Then I got a little bored.

The other week tragedy almost struck when a MOTEL ROCKS dress that I’d only bought one of started to fade. I went on a slightly manic online search to look for another but alas, it was no longer around for sale. Luckily all was not lost as it turns out Motel make different versions of the same dress. Just for me.  All the same fit but with different top sections allowing me to add a bit of variation to my wardrobe. Sort of.

I’m not as frivolous as I may seem (I promise) and I’ll always wait around for a money off promo code before doubling up. I do realise how mad this may sound to some people. Mainly you model-esque folk with nice long legs and perfectly rounded bums. Everything fits and you look fab darling!

Of course, new dresses mean new shoes. I ordered two different pairs in the hope of choosing the pair that looked the best. (I generally try not to buy two of the same pairs of shoes for fear of bankruptcy and space). One pair were practical and one pair were just plain lovely…. I think you can probably guess what happened next. (How can a girl resist a sale bargain?)

Motel Rocks – Dress number one.

Same dress different angle.
This model definitely doesn’t need to shop in two’s.

The Lovely Shoes from Kurt Geiger

The practical shoes – Also, from Kurt Geiger

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