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Coming up with new blog posts has proven difficult for me over the past few weeks because my mind has been all over the place with our flat sale and purchase. To add a bit more pressure into the mix I’m also due to finish my part time nanny job in a few weeks. A fabulous idea of mine giving mine giving me more time to concentrate on my PR company and any other little wheeler dealer type projects that take my fancy. Alex thinks that I simply want to work from home so I never have to get out of my Pajamas. This is not strictly true but I won’t deny that I am looking forward to a few more PJ days – Especially in the winter months. I’ll most definitely be making an effort to make my home/office a place of style but more on that another time…

Anyway, I’ve decided to start a new feature based around my favourite things of the moment. I’m quite fickle so this could run and run. Which I guess is the idea.

So, here they are… Some materialistic things that make me happy.

I’ve had never really been much of a product person until a few years ago. As every birthday came and went I’d get a tad more depressed and like a lot of women probably looked to beauty products for a bit of comfort. I just don’t understand how we never get a year off every now and then – Surely that would be the best birthday present ever!?

I had always scoffed at people that spent loads of money on moisturiser but when I tried Kiehl’s Acai Damage-Correcting moisturizer I was hooked. It’s £37.50 for a bottle but it really does last for ages and does my skin wonders. To add to it’s greatness when I bought it from Selfridges for some reason they threw in the toning mist and eye cream for free. A steal if you ask me but I’m guessing that the chances of that happening to me again are pretty slim!

After reading that Temperley London had collaborated with Lancome and produced this lovely cosmetics bag I went on a mission to find it on ebay and snapped one up with it’s contents for a bargain price. It came with a trail size of Lancome’s Genifique Serum which claims to ‘reactivate the youth in my genes’ –  A bold statement which I don’t really believe but it feels nice and hey it was worth the try.

I’ve been using Bare Minerals for quite sometime now but wanted to find an alternative foundation that would really stick like glue on those nights that I’m out working into the early hours at clubs.  L’oreal Infallible seems to last well and it was pretty easy to apply until the brush popped off. Now I just fight and scream at it every time I’m in a rush to get ready – I lose every time but it’s worth using even if you end up having to use your fingers as well as the brush!

I’ll be honest with you… I’m rubbish at applying blusher. I got this Benefit rose and cheek stain free in a magazine last month and just love it! Its easy to apply and gives a fab glow to my cheeks and acts as a good base for my lip gloss as well. I’ll definitely buy some when it runs out but probably not from directly from Benefit’s site as it comes in at £24.50

Maybelline are celebrating 40 years of their Great Lash mascara in August and I can see why. I’ve used it for years (not 40) and will continue to do so for many more. Keep an eye out for the competition coming up here on facebook soon.

After eying up this Clinique product on one of our many dodgy ferry trips to France I finally purchased this lip gloss on ebay a few months ago. I love this colour and it doesn’t dry my lips out at all. What’s more It came in a pack of five so I’ve plenty to choose from when it runs out.

I don’t know why I only paint my toenails in summer. I’m not really a feet fan, so should really keep up with it all year round as there are so many amazing colours out there to brighten them up. Both of these nail polishes last for an eternity without chipping and the colours look fab for any occasion. The one of the left is Maybelline by the way – I’ve lugged it around everywhere and the label has worn off.

Last but not least… I’ve been growing my hair for what seems like an age now and have found that this John Frieda hair serum works a treat now that I’ve finally got a bit of length. I’m not a great fan of the shampoos and other John Frieda products that I’ve tried but when used correctly this one shows me the good results that I need.

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