The Samphire Brasserie – Vegan Food In Plymouth

Vegan restaurants are popping up all over the joint, aren’t they?! This is great news for plant-based triers like myself… Yes, still a (hard) trier and not quite the complete convert just yet! However, we make it our mission to seek out vegan restaurants whenever we eat out, which is how we ended up at Samphire Brasserie on a trip to Plymouth, last weekend. When a place like this hits Devon, you just know that things are changing for the better.

There is a high population of students in Plymouth, so places like Samphire Brasserie are bound to be on to a good thing right now. Offering up vegan ‘junk’ food, this spot fills any cravings for meat that you might have. I’m still not entirely sure about how I feel eating ‘mock meat’. I don’t miss the stuff; that’s for sure, so when I eat things that are designed to taste like it, I just wonder if it’s worth it for me, personally. However, it’s is incredible how well some places can make this style of food taste.

The Samphire Brasserie seems to have been in Plymouth for quite some time, and I’m not actually sure how we missed it until now. It has had rave reviews online, and we were actually turned away when we attempted to eat there the previous evening because it was so busy. Luckily they had a spot for us on a quieter Saturday night so we could get to see what all the fuss was about.

OK, so let’s start with the bad points… Unfortunately, this place does NOT serve alcohol. Now, we’re no alcoholics (highly questionable), but when you’re kept waiting for an hour and fifteen minutes for your food on a date night, you tend to want more than a fizzy cola. It turned out that the kitchen thought our order was for a takeaway customer, so things got a little delayed and when it finally came, they’d completely forgotten about the starter (which, If I’m totally honest, was not a bad thing in the end because we left pretty stuffed)!

On top of that, the restaurant seemed to lack atmosphere, which was probably due to the fact that there was no music playing and it was hot… Oh, so hot – I’m talking sweat beads on my forehead after a good hour of waiting. However, what really matters here is the food and once it arrived, all was quickly forgiven. Everything was packed with flavour and had a great texture. This was fast (hmm) food done very well.

We  wanted to get back to our accommodation for some booze  were too full for dessert, so opted to take some away as the restaurant was half an hour past its usual closing time anyway. I’m so glad we did because their toffee and popcorn cheesecake was dreamy! We may or may not have also bought a whoopie pie, which we shared on the journey back to London the next day.

Would I go back? Hell, yes! This food is great for your junk food cravings. Just make sure you leave plenty of time and maybe take a good book! If the Samphire Brasserie concentrated on its eat-in customers and less on the takeaways, then things could be a whole lot brighter, but you really can’t fault their good vegan grub.

Alex had the Deep South Burger with Twice Fried Chips…

I opted for the Kruelty Free Cooking Bucket – Soy Based Drumsticks and Popcorn Chicken. 

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