The Evening Before my First Chemo Session

I was just sitting here, wondering if I should be doing something fun on the evening before my first chemo session tomorrow. After what seems like forever, the day is almost here. I’ve decided against heading out for some sort of vegan feast though, as I’ve got an rather annoying sharp pain in my boob, after it was abused at the hospital yesterday – I guess that sometimes, you just need to rest up and get your work done in preparation for the sick days that are about to come. No vegan fun times for me!

I’ve been to the hospital a few times in the past week. The first visit was to have a PICC line inserted. My veins are playing silly buggers and proving difficult to find, so having a tube attached to my body for the duration of the chemo (that’s eight sessions, once every three weeks), will apparently make things a whole lot easier… Well, that’s if they can get the damned thing in! Turns out there are no visible veins anywhere useful, so I ended up going through a rather traumatic time, only to come away with nothing inserted and just one massive bruise to add to my collection. Grrr. I now have to go back in a few weeks, doing without a PICC line for the first session, but it seems as though I’m getting used to all of this pain, so I’m not too worried.

Without going into too much detail – just imagine the tube being inserted into the top of my arm, and then poof, the vein just disappeared before it makes it to the goal. Who knew that was even possible? Is that possible? Well, that’s the story they told me, and it ruddy hurt. I had my support team with me (Alex), but he unfortunately didn’t bring his A-game and passed out at the sight of it all. Amazing skills! I’m a little upset that I didn’t get to see the grand fall, but the news did perk me up a little. Look, I’ll take anything for a good laugh these days!

My most recent visit to the hospital was yesterday for an MRI scan. Obviously someone needs to have a word with the person that makes the appointments because I was booked in for 7.45am! I mean, do they not know that I like to sleep? And yes, I am still sleeping pretty well, even though I have been diagnosed with cancer. We were there before the staff obviously (because they too were hoping for more sleep), but it wasn’t long before I was face down, with my boobs dangling (well, I say ‘dangling’, but that’s probably an exaggeration) through two holes in an MRI table (TMI?). All pretty easy and twenty minutes of no pain. Hurrah. #glamorous.

Next up, I had to have a coil marker inserted. “This won’t hurt anything like the biopsy”, said the doctor… He lied. It effing killed. He also said that he had found another lump… He was lying about that too. Phew! I guess some people cope with pain better than others, but I don’t want to be going back for one of those anytime soon. No, siree. The coil marker has been placed in my breast to mark where the tumour currently is. If all goes well, the chemo will shrink it right down to nothing and then, ta da! the surgeon can see where the tumour was and just remove the tissue around the area where it used to sit. It had better bloomin’ disappear after all of that – I’m currently sleeping in a bra for added support to help the pain. Sad times. A good tip though – it helps a lot.

As for tonight… Well, I might have a gin and sit on my balcony, contemplating life before I officially become a ‘chemo patient’. Or I might just carry on as usual because tomorrow is just another day that I’ll work my way through, no matter what is thrown at me… That will probably still involve a gin though.

See you on the other side.


See… No one was there at 7.45am!

The Evening Before my First Chemo Session


And an obligatory cat shot, even though he has nothing to do with this post…

Not So Fat Cat




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  1. wo0 April 15, 2015 / 8:57 pm

    All the best tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of you.xx

  2. Pippa April 15, 2015 / 9:47 pm

    Ouch ouch ouch. Enjoy the gin and all the best for tomorrow. So sorry you are going through all of this. xx (pippa as in Chris Cox’s friend who found her way here and then couldn’t leave without saying anything and sending you distant positive energy)
    Ps. My friend liked to flash her chemo card in the event of not having correct train ticket etc… Good tip for you ;)

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