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This Christmas I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of staying at The Aviator. It’s not often that I need to stay in a hotel when I’m only an hour or so away from home. However, on this occasion, there was much festive drinking to be done and a hotel reservation was the most sensible option.

We first heard of the Aviator a few months ago when someone we know approached Alex to see if he would be available to DJ at one of the events there. A massive and convenient coincidence, as the Aviator happens to be just ten minutes down the road from my Mum’s house. With no room at the inn and all that, we swiftly made the choice to book in for Christmas day and I’m so happy we did.

The hotel is located on the grounds of Farnborough airport. The airport is the location for the Farnborough airshow, which I think I actually went to a few times as a child. The airfield has appeared in films such as Inception and Quantum of Solace. I have seen it pop up more recently on a few celebrity TV programmes, when the rich and famous fly out in their private jets. Lucky for some.

When you drive up to this hotel you know it is going to be something pretty special. The building is sleekly designed, in the shape of a propeller and is home to 169 rooms.  As soon as I walked though the doors I actually went as far as to let out an ooh and an ah… Breathtaking. It even smelled wonderful! Once we arrived at reception our Christmas day got even better, as we were given an upgrade to a suite, offered free wifi codes and were told we had a free mini bar in our room, free new-release movies (to watch on one of the two TVs) AND breakfast included. I was running for the lift before Alex had even signed on the dotted line!

On opening the door to our room, we instantly wished we were there for the whole night, rather than rushing out to visit family. A case of wanting to be in two places at once obviously. Everything about the suite was incredible. To the left of the entrance we had our very own walk-in-wardrobe (sadly not needed for my one change of clothes) and the room itself was huge and tastefully decorated to suit the aviator theme. The bathroom had both a rain shower and a separate bath and the complimentary products were provided by Mitchell and Peach. Ah, Lovely.

I have since learnt that the interior of the hotel was designed by Ken McCulloch’s wife, Amanda Rosa. Ken McCulloch is the founder of the Malmaison hotel brand, so it is no surprise that this place is something remarkable.

We returned quite late from my family visit and literally had to force our tired eyes open, so we could enjoy some of the time we had at the hotel. We watched a movie, set our alarms to make it in time for breakfast and fell asleep in one exceedingly comfortable bed. Bliss.

Excuse the mess. It happens when I walk into a room…
Should learn to take pictures before my bags make it through the door.

Bathroom. This picture really is rubbish. Sorry. You get the jist.

Superb hotel staircase

Now, I’m not one to usually attend breakfast in a hotel. I generally can’t eat until lunchtime, as it takes  about that long for my whole system to realise I’m awake and moving. However, this was one breakfast I was not intending to miss. I was a tad hung-over, so it was probably wise to eat anyway. Breakfast did not let me down. As well as a dipping into the continental style buffet, I also had Salmon, eggs and bagel. Yum.

The only downside of our stay at the Aviator was that we didn’t have time to check out the brasserie, deli or Skybar.
I’d say that I’d like to have tested out the gym as well, but you know I’d be lying!

Next time. Next time.

There is so much more to see at the Aviator than I can possibly put in this blog post. It can be a bit pricey for week night bookings,but if it’s pleasure you are seeking then they have plenty of weekend package deals. You should definitely check out the hotels website, which was in fact designed by a very talented man we know at BKKR.

I for one, hope to return very soon…

And so does he…

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4 Responses

  1. Yvonne Duffield January 6, 2012 / 6:16 pm

    It looks amazing. Maybe the next time I fly in on my jet I’ll check it out… ; )

    • seebyzoe January 6, 2012 / 6:32 pm

      Haha! When you get that Jet, I’ll join you :)

  2. Alice January 6, 2012 / 8:26 pm

    I want to go!!!! It looks amazing.

  3. steph January 7, 2012 / 3:34 am

    OoOoo, you did Christmas in style! The staircase looks so cool!

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