Designer Handbags

There comes a time in a girl’s life when she needs to stop lusting over designer handbags and just get down to the nitty gritty of purchasing one. Luckily for my own bank balance, I’m not one of those girls who craves every new bag that hits the shelves. I’m very picky and have spent quite some time waiting for the right handbag to spend my hard earned cash on.

The only bag that I’ve really ever really loved using, over the past few years, is this Kipling handbag…

Designer Bag

I actually have two of these bags because when the first one started to look a bit tatty, I purchased another on eBay for half the price. Unfortunately, that one is now also getting a bit old and overused, so when I was in Ireland I decided it was time to invest a bit of cash on a bag for life – You know… One that would make me feel a bit more like the woman I want to be (i.e. one with money)!

So, which designer handbag did I go for? Well, you may or may not know that I’m a huge fan off See By Chloe (seebyzoe – Get it?), and whilst browsing the sales in Belfast, I came across THE perfect bag for me. Unfortunately, it was not in the sale and it did put a hefty dent in my savings, but hey, it’s for life and I LOVE it!

Designer Handbag


See By Chloe Handbag


See By Choe


It’s the perfect size for me as many designer bags can be far to large for petites and i never really like to lug too much stuff around. It comes with a long strap to attach, but I’m more of a handle kinda gal so probably won’t be attaching that for now. I can’t for the life of me find this handbag online anywhere, but I purchased it in a House of Fraser store and did see one in their Bluewater store the other day.

Do you have a designer handbag that you can’t live without?