Jeans Fit for a Lazy Slug

I went out in a pair of Jeans this morning. Oh yes, I did! That may not sound unusual to many of you, but I’d say it has been about 10 years since I left the house in Jeans… probably even longer. I really hate searching for trousers that fit and it’s taken quite some time for me to drum up the want to start my search for a pair of jeans that suit me, as well as fitting comfortably. Being only 5 ft 1 inch makes shopping a little trickier – admittedly much less so these days, than in years gone by!

Over the past month, I’ve basically spent my spare time online, ordering about twelve (yes twelve) different pairs of jeans on rotation, all in different sizes and brands. Finally, one pair (in two different colours) are now mine. I must admit, they aren’t one hundred percent the ‘perfect fit’, but if I add a belt and pull them up a few times an hour then they’ll just about do. The pair that I went for were from Topshop, which totally surprised me, as the petite range there always looks like it is made for tiny children!

So, this morning I donned my jeans and went for a walk with the dog. Very liberating! It’s no secret that I can be a bit slow in the mornings. I try really hard to get up, but as a freelancer who works from home, I’ve got into a bit of a bad habit of taking my time. Zzzzz, what’s the rush anyway?!  This morning I decided to get out nice and early, to walk Betsy. My thoughts were that I could just go out before my shower, no fussing around, whack on the jeans (instead of faffing around with the usual tights/skirt combo), walk for an hour come back home feeling awake and ready for the day. Unfortunately, Betsy the Chihuahua is also pretty lazy in the mornings and I practically had to drag her out of bed and out of the front door! What are we like?!

Anyway, I discovered that the key to getting up and out early is to just have something simple to throw on. I’m not those people find it quick and easy to get ready, let me tell you. I need to shower, wash my hair, dry my hair, do my make-up and iron my clothes. MISSION! I’m trying to change that so I’m starting with an 8am walk in jeans. A bit Very odd, but that’s just me.

Here I am in my new jeans…. Well, Betsy was never going to be able to take the picture was she ;)

Jeans fit for a Lazy slug

Here’s what I dressed them with to keep me snug and warm….

Topshop Petite Tweedy Rib Cardigan – Go a size smaller unless you like your cardigans to drown you!

TopShop Cardigan


And here’s Betsy, just rolling on the pavement for no particular reason!

Crystal Palace Park

Do you find it difficult to go Jean shopping… or are you a lucky so and so!?


Shop. Shop. Shopping

I tend not to have too much patience when it comes to clothes shopping. My first port of call is always the online stores because I’m not much into trawling the streets looking for things that I know will take me hours on end to find. My three staple shops for the past few years have been ASOS, Topshop and Urban Outfitters. It’s not often you will find me straying from these and that is mainly because I hate trying on item after item, only to find nothing fits. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love great fashion – It’s just that most of it is currently out of my price range or simply drowns me.

Occasionally I’ll have a successful burst in Miss Selfridges, but that is generally when I’m looking for summer clothes. I don’t find that being only 5ft 1nch holds me up too much in my stores of choice because they tend to make clothes a lot shorter than I’d usually dare to wear, meaning they quite often come in at the right length for me.

Rather annoyingly, I’ve recently found that ASOS just doesn’t have as solid a selection of clothes as it used to. I don’t know if my tastes have changed, or it’s because of the seasons, but I’ve certainly struggled to spend my birthday vouchers on the site. However, I’m slowly getting there and managed to bag a few dresses this week. I wasn’t totally convinced that they looked terrific online, but ordered them anyway… Luckily It worked out and I’m two items up!

This Ruby Rocks Ikat Print Dress is right up my street colour wise. I was worried about the fit, but it pinches me in at all the right places and is actually very flattering. I got it for £28 (reduced from £45), but it is now out of stock.

I honestly thought I’d be sending this River Island Contrast Lace Skater dress straight back, but have finally learnt that not everything on ASOS actually looks like it does in the flesh as it does online. It may not look like it’s worth a million dollars, but when I tried it on it really suited me. I think it will look fab with my dark denim jacket and will be easy to dress both up and down. A steal at only £12!

Do you have a favourite shop that you always go back to? Is it just me or has ASOS lost it’s way a little?

My Recent Purchases

Alex asked everyone to contribute towards some ASOS vouchers for my birthday last month because I’d seen a denim jacket that I liked on the site. When I went to buy it, I decided to do my usual money saving investigating and found it for £40 cheaper on another site. I initially wasn’t sure it was the exact same jacket as the image on the other site wasn’t great, but I took the chance anyway and was quite chuffed with my find when it turned out to be the one I wanted.

One month later I still have a large chunk of my voucher money waiting to be spent… Why is it that when you actually have the funds you can’t find anything to spend them on?!

Anyway, I thought I’d share my most recent purchases with you all – You lucky people!

1: I’ve been in need of a black bag for some time now. I’ve had my Paul and Joe Sister clutch for a few years, and this Topshop bag gives me a bit more space for stashing stuff when I go out. I’ve removed the heart and the handle actually extends, so you can wear it across your body if you’d rather.

2: I used part of my ASOS voucher for this Rare lace dress. I wasn’t sure it would suit me, but it’s actually pretty decent. After attending the Grey Goose Taste By Appointment event, I realised I didn’t have anything  to wear out to nights in slightly classier places – I’m in need of a entire wardrobe overhaul that’s for sure!

3: This is the Pepe (Mikas) Jacket I made a huge saving on. It’s actually a slightly darker blue than in the above image and matches all the clothes that my light Pepe Jacket doesn’t. Yes, I have now have two! Unfortunately, it appears to have shot back up in price, but keep an eye on Zalando, as they seem to have a lot of great offers all of the time. You can also pick it up here at ASOS. Here’s how I wear the jacket…


4: Now, I’ve been trying really hard to banish store emails from my inbox by unsubscribing, but when Buyapower sent me an email mentioning a Moroccanoil Four-Piece pampering set, I just had to purchase it. Since I finished up my other bottles earlier in the year, my hair just hasn’t felt that great. I tried to replace it with the cheaper Boots Moroccan argan oil, but it’s just not the same. The shampoo and conditioner are only small bottles, but the treatment works really well for my hair. This little lot was £35.00 and is likely to keep me going for quite some time.

5: My local high street and I have not been getting on so well. There isn’t really much of interest on it for me. Superdrug is about the only store where I find myself buying more than I should. Nail varnishes are a cheap and cheerful way to cheer myself up and I have all of the above Barry M colours.

6: I’m a sucker for bright skirts. Alex always jokes about the crazy patterns I wear! I love the colour of this Topshop skirt (£28.00) and generally wear it like this…

So, there you have it. All the items that I have been squandering my hard earned cash on.
Now, I just need to find something to spend the rest of my vouchers on!

Have a great weekend x

Flat’ll Do

I’ve been a bit uninspired to blog recently. It turns out life isn’t as fun when you are trying to get fit, and you don’t get paid quickly for all the hard work you do. I was in a foul mood for the majority of the past week and just had no motivation to do anything much at all.

This week will be better (shakes self). I read somewhere that a lot of bloggers stumble at about the nine month mark and fail to keep writing. I’m not quitting, but I don’t want to bore you people off with my constant moaning that’s for sure!

Anyway, nothing like a bit of retail therapy to cheer a (penniless) person up. I popped into Bluewater again on Friday, to try my luck with the flat shoes that I’ve been searching for. I didn’t get the exact pair that I had been looking for, but I did come home with two pairs of pretty comfy and practical shoes for the spring and summer.

The said pair of shoes has had a few mixed reviews online, but I think they will do the job for me. I found a tan pair (in the Topshop section of House of Fraser) and wished they were black, but chose to purchase them anyway… Then when I went into the actual Topshop store, there they were, in black. I’m keeping them both because I always tend to get two of everything if I think I’ll get a full wear out of it. I always regret it when the stock runs out and mine is in tatters.

So, what do you think of these?

I’d have liked them to be about £25 for what they are, but I’m happy I have some flats for my holiday. The soft leather hopefully means less blister issues!

Available from HERE from Topshop in lots of lovely colours.

Left In The Cold

Apparently it’s a bit nippy out there today. I personally wouldn’t know as I’m trapped in my bedroom surrounded by practically all of our belongings, while AG Flooring work their noisy magic.

This is the time of the year when I really start to dread working on the till at the warehouse parties I do PR for. An average of two thousand people pass me by and head into the warmth of the tunnels and I’m left shivering it out until 4am with the team. I’m well-known for taking my little heater and thermos of tea along with me to work, but even those don’t really cut it by about 2am. It’s at about that time that I can no longer feel my fingers and toes and I start to become a little less cheerful. Annoyingly, that is also the time that the clubbers become a little more vocal and things get a little more taxing.

When I leave the club I instantly hit defrost in the car, but I don’t actually thaw out until I make it to my bed with yet more tea. It’s true, the older you get the more you feel the cold and this old bird doesn’t like it one bit!

This season a few jumpers have caught my eye in the shops, so I’m adding them to my ever-growing A/W wish list. Below are a few of my favourites. If I layer up enough and invest in a more powerful heater I might, just might, make it through the season.

I love all three of these jumpers by The Rock Boutique and actually just bought the grey one from Asos the other week.
It’s a fab fit and feels really soft. It will no doubt get worn to death…
The trouble now is that I really want them all! £45

If you’re a cat person (like me) then this is the jumper to get.
There are some pretty awful animal prints out there at the moment, but this one isn’t too offensive.
Asos Dolly cat Jumper – £40

Now this jumper doesn’t look too hot on the Topshop website, but in the store I really loved it.
This is NOT the jumper for me though –  It looked great on the hanger but awful on.
Maybe one of you will have more luck with it!
Topshop Spot Jaquard Jumper  – £40

This cute little jumper hasn’t gone too over the top with it’s spots.
I’m not sure the peter pan collar will work for me, but I’ll certainly give it a go.
Pins and Needles Spot Collar Top – Urban Outfitters – £40

Not really a jumper, but this looks pretty warm and cosy to me.
I bet it will come down to my knees though!
Asos Blanket Wrap Cardigan – £45

Have you seen any great jumpers for A/W? If so, do share!