La Petite Bouchée in Sydenham

There’s nothing better than finding new places to eat locally and on Friday night, we were lucky enough to have dined at La Petite Bouchée, somewhere not only very close to our house, but also a spot that serves very tasty food indeed!

La Petite Bouchée is definitely not your average dining spot. It’s a cosy pop-up 4 seat brasserie in a vintage 1970’s Citroën van. Yup, a van. Such a great idea! Our location for the night was Sydenham Wells Park and our lovely hosts were Anita and Caroline, who are two women who really seem to know their stuff. Not only do they serve up delicious grub, but they also write a successful food blog called Lover of Creating Flavours, as well as sell made to order pickles and preserves at Heaven Preserve Us. I’m certainly down for some Strawberry, Lime and Pimms jam sometime soon! Mmm, Pimms…

Anyway, back to the van… You can book a single table for four, but if you come as a threesome, dine alone or as a couple, you simply dine with other guests – A scary thought for some, but it really has been lovely meeting and getting to know new people every time we have been to supper clubs and the like. You tend to find that it’s all like-minded people who enjoy these new and slightly different experiences and they are always friendly.

We were at La Petite Bouchée for Moules Night, which I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about, never having actually eaten more than a few in one sitting. Thankfully, we were served 1kg of the finest mussels you can imagine, as well as frites, bread and of course, plenty of bubbles. Anita had driven all the way to Veasey & Sons fishmongers in Sussex to pick up the fresh shellfish in the morning and boy am I glad she made the trek… They were a-maz-ing, such great quality and I have to say, it was one of my favourite meals, in quite some time.

If mussels aren’t your thing, then there are plenty of other dining options (mainly French), over different days, such as Vacherin Fondue and Brunch. You can also make private bookings from December 1st and I hear there are lots more events coming soon, which I for one am very keen to partake in!

La Petite Bouchée really is something you should try and book, if you get the time.  Feel free to drop me a line if you’d like some company as well. I’m massively keen to return soon!

OK, so we totally failed with the pictures I’m afraid, so I nabbed these from their Facebook page, where there are plenty more. Another reason to book again, I guess!

La Petit Bouchee


We had a choice of four flavours and opted for Norandie and Thai, which we shared. My favourite was the Thai, which were divine.

Marinière (traditional butter, shallots, wine and parsley)
Normandie (butter, shallots, celery, cider and cream (optional)
Thai (butter, shallots, lemongrass, coriander, ginger, coconut milk, red chilli )
Seafood Bisque (stock made from shellfish and fish,tomato puree,wine, a splash of brandy and cream)


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On The Road Again

After only ten months, it looks like we are on the move again! Today we had an offer accepted on a maisonette, which is a full one minute drive away (or eight minutes walk) from our current home. For years, I’ve been dying to live somewhere with our own private garden and in London it’s pretty hard to get that on our budget, but we’ve managed to do it, and once all the tedious legal stuff is out of the way, we should hopefully be the proud owners of a home with a rather large jungle!

It’s most certainly a place that needs work, but that’s what I do best… Well, not the actual work, but the shopping for the design and the directing of the men that are hired to do it!

We worked pretty quickly to improve our current home, and even though we’ve only been in it for a while, it feels as though we’ve been here for quite some time. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and we can do a similar job down the road.

Now, if you’d like to come on a tour around my current home then feel free – If you know of anyone looking to buy in Sydenham, just send them my way – There’s more to it than the pictures can tell :)


Crystal Palace Park

When we moved to Sydenham, I was a little bit sceptical that it was going to the right place for us. Moving from leafy Beckenham, to a high street that is a little rougher around the edges was not my ideal. However, I was swayed by the fact that we’d be moving from a more family oriented area to one with more of a mixed community, which moved with a little more pace.

It’s a lovely bonus to live close to a large park and luckily, just a 7 minute walk away from our home, is the delightful Crystal Palace Park. Over the past few weeks, I’ve taken quite a few walks and here are some of the things I’ve seen…




Crystal Palace Sign


Crystal Palace headless


Crystal Palace Park lake


Crystal Palce sports Center


Crystal Palace sport


Palace sports


Crystal Palace Vollyball




Crystal Palace Dinasaurs