Pleeeease God, Let Me Keep My Brows!

So, it turns out I’m blogging again. Alex whipped up this new blog design for me over the weekend, and I really couldn’t say no, after all the trouble he took to bring it a little more up to date. We toyed with the idea of starting up a totally new blog with cancer in the title, but I decided that as SeeByZoe is a blog about my life, then why should I change it just because cancer has just decided to bust in on that action. I may as well  just keep on nattering on about it all over here because I’ll only have to swap back over when I get through all of this!

We popped down to Devon last Wednesday and returned on Sunday. The weather was pretty shoddy for most of the time, and on the one sunny day that there was, it was so over-crowded that we decided to do adrive by and head back to chill at the apartment. I’d like to say we were scoffing cheese and drinking fine wines, but eating clean, ready for the chemo, scuppered those plans. Boo. Hiss.

I have now been a Vegan for two weeks… Who’d have thought it? After a few attempts in the past, it took rotten ole cancer to push me into it. I’m actually really enjoying it – particularly because Alex has been doing all of the cooking! He has been amazing. I’ll do my part in the kitchen soon, but I’m trying to get up-to-date with all of my work before any sickness kicks in. The doctors say being freelance is a bonus, but little do they know how much I stress about getting everything done. I do see their point though as working from home means I can just take a few little naps throughout the day, and then just sit right back in front of my laptop when I’m feeling up to it. I’m much luckier than so many people, and I think it’s that thought that has been getting me through all of this. Well, that, music, Alex and the kids pets.

I’m more than prepared for the chemo to start next Thursday. There are a few things before that which I’m not looking forward to at all, but if they get me over the finish line, then I’ll take what’s going to be thrown at me. Suck it up and get on with it Zoe. You can do this!

I have to say that most of my preparation has involved shopping! I’ve stocked up on natural skin care products, ready for the effects the treatment may have on my skin. I have also purchased a wig (more on that soon), as well as an Anastasia brow palette (with stencils, cos I ain’t no artist!), just in case I have to draw those suckers back on. I was hoping my get ready routine would be reduced by half because of the expected hair loss, but then I figured if I lose my brows and lashes on top of my hair, then it could take me even longer… We shall see.

Pleeeease God, let me keep my brows and lashes… I haven’t exactly been blessed with amazing ones as it is – it’s not asking too much to spare me them, is it?! I’ll let you take the hair, at a push, but not the lashes and brows!

Anyway, I’ve rambled. My next few posts will be the story of the wig and Wilson, the PICC line that never quite happened!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and ate lots of lovely chocolate for me. I’ve just been sniffing the stuff like a glue addict – Wasn’t really into the vegan chocolate that I tested out, but on the plus side, it’ll all help my figure when the chemicals start getting pumped in ;)

Until next time.


Anastasia beauty Express for brows and eyes…

Cancer Brow Anastasia

Just a dog chilling’ in Devon…

Besty Chillin' in Devon


Vegan feasting…

Vegan Curry

One cat in hiding…

Cat in a Bag

Some Puppy Love

Betsy has grown up so much over the past few weeks and even though she is still a tiny dog, she seems to look a great deal bigger. She has been keeping us pretty busy, but has unquestionably been a terrific addition to our little family. It’s pretty difficult to get decent photos of this energetic little Chihuahua, but I thought I’d share some of our picture puppy love with you anyway…

Some Puppy Love… A moment of calm (Aug 15)

A little nibble on my very expensive Emilio Pucci sunglasses!

A little light reading perhaps

A little gymnastics

Bonding time

Growing up fast (September)

Fox-like Chihuahua

She loves to lick. Me. A lot.


Great Success!

We’ve gone from hissing to sniffing and then onto some scrapping, but today after two weeks, we have finally restored some peace and love…

Really. Do you have to sit there?

Ah, I’m too tired to make a fuss…

… And Relax.

I see a happy partnership forming.


Cat Snapping

Sometimes, when I get a bit bored between jobs,  I just follow fat cat around the house to try and catch him off guard and get an amusing picture. It’s not hard to follow him because he doesn’t move much, but catching him off guard is never terribly easy – He certainly isn’t up for entertaining me.

We’ve had quite a bit of warm weather here lately which appears to have given me a bit more luck. He is slobbing around a lot and seems very restless. He won’t forgive me for posting some of these pictures, but let’s consider it payback for his annual moulting session that seems to be never ending!

Definitely my favourite picture so far…

Here he is doing what he does best…

Some more cat love HERE

Some Cat Love

We’ve finally invested a bit of money in new camera after talking about it for quite sometime.  The only person in this house that doesn’t seem so happy about the new purchase is my cat Tigger. I’ve been following the poor little mite around the house and shoving the lens in his face for the past few days to get in a bit of practice. I’m going to need quite a bit more experience, so let’s hope we don’t fall out in the coming weeks.

Here are some of the pictures I like the most… (Taken with a Nikon D3100)

And finally… This picture just about sums up the type of cat he really is!