Window Shopping

One of the most frustrating parts of buying a new flat is waiting to get through the front door, before you purchase any new items for your home. I’m always so tempted to start buying new things in advance, but until it is a done deal then it certainly isn’t a wise idea. I literally can’t fit anymore in our current flat and certainly wouldn’t want to be left with odd bits of furniture and a new oven sitting in the middle of the lounge!

We’re  currently waiting for our flat to sell before we can move forward with any of the tedious legal stuff, but luckily the home we are buying has been taken off the market and the family that currently own it don’t seem to be in too much of a rush for us to move in. The only one that appears to be in a rush here is me – It’s such a pain having to keep your home spotless for the viewings, and like I said, I’ve got shopping to do… Even if it is only for floors and tiles!

We’re buying a ground level maisonette, and it appears that a family with young children has just moved into the floor above. Now, I’m not one to tolerate  loud noises above me whilst I work, so I’ve been stalking the street that we are meant to be moving to, just to suss out if it’s going to be quiet enough for me. (Yes, that is actually what I have been doing)! Every now and then at different times of the day I’ll walk past and check to see if all is calm in Da hood – It’s currently looking tolerable, so unless there is a baby on the way, our luck might just be in.

One thing we have discussed is whether or not to invest in some pretty decent home contents insurance. This will be our first time living on a ground floor, so I want to make sure that my treasured possessions are protected from any little accidents the  family upstairs may have – Better to be safe than sorry and it’s definitely a must for us!

Anyway, there is nothing to stop a girl window shopping, so here are a few things I’ve been lusting over – Mainly consisting of things I will never be allowed to buy.

From top left to bottom right…

1: Cartouche Mirror (Made-to-Order) – Bouf – £720

2: Bird Cage Chandelier – Graham And Green – £395.00

3: Pigeon Hole Wall Shelf Unit – Graham And Green – £75

4: Barlow Tyrie Dune Day Bed – John Lewis – £2, 805  (It’s a bed… For the day!)

5: Factory Bindery Shelving Unit – Rockett St George – £350

6: Padded Grey Leather Wallpaper – Rockett St George – £69


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On The Road Again

After only ten months, it looks like we are on the move again! Today we had an offer accepted on a maisonette, which is a full one minute drive away (or eight minutes walk) from our current home. For years, I’ve been dying to live somewhere with our own private garden and in London it’s pretty hard to get that on our budget, but we’ve managed to do it, and once all the tedious legal stuff is out of the way, we should hopefully be the proud owners of a home with a rather large jungle!

It’s most certainly a place that needs work, but that’s what I do best… Well, not the actual work, but the shopping for the design and the directing of the men that are hired to do it!

We worked pretty quickly to improve our current home, and even though we’ve only been in it for a while, it feels as though we’ve been here for quite some time. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and we can do a similar job down the road.

Now, if you’d like to come on a tour around my current home then feel free – If you know of anyone looking to buy in Sydenham, just send them my way – There’s more to it than the pictures can tell :)