The annual event of Movember is fast approaching… Where did the year go?! I for one, am not a fan of excess facial hair on my man, but I would certainly encourage anyone to join in with a bit of Movember growth action, if they do so choose. I won’t deny that I am extremely partial to a bit of decorative moustache spotting and I love seeing the growth that people achieve within the month.

This fantastic cause helped raise £79 million around the globe last year and year-on-year awareness is being raised towards Prostate Cancer and general men’s health issues. It’s all frightfully important stuff, with much humour thrown in.

For those of us that can’t grow facial hair, there are plenty of novelty items floating about in the shops at the moment.
Why not support your male friends and tash up your life too? I love, love, love the Johnny Depp tee and eagerly await a sale or voucher code!



From left to right – Top to Bottom

1: Movember Classics – Toms – £45 – Proceeds go to the Movember Foundation
2: Mini Moustaches Hand Carved Rubber Stamps – NOTHS – £5.50
3: Munchstache Cookie Cutters – Firebox – £7.99
4: Eleven Paris Johnny Depp Moustache Tee – Urban Outfitters – £45.00
5: Lil Shaver Moustache Dummy – Find Me A Gift  -£7.99
6: Bonjour Rug – Urban Outfitters – £12.00


If you would like to get involved with Movember, or simply follow some of the Moustache action, then why not head to one of the below sites.


My job is quite satisfying, but I wouldn’t say club promotion is going to change some of the serious issues that we face in the world today! In the past, I have often wondered how I could put my online PR skills to beneficial use and help others – So, when my friend Alice Harold, asked if I could help with a bit of work for the 118 118 Movember campaign the other week, I was more than happy to oblige… My time to give to others, by using my Facebook sharing skills, has finally come. Hurrah!

The original idea for Movember first started out in Melbourne, Australia and now over one million people participate annually to raise awareness and funds for early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment of male prostate and testicular cancer. Let’s face it, most men talk a lot less about their health than women (not quite the case in my house) and it’s definitely time for that to change.

The way Movember normally works is that men get sponsored to grow hideous (in my opinion) facial hair and take daily pictures to show their progress over the month of November (obviously).  The 118 TacheOff app has been lovingly created, so that those of us without facial hair growing abilities, can get in on the action too!

It’s an app that allows everyone to have a bit of fun, whilst raising money for Movember at the same time. You simply select a designer tash to put on images of your kids, cats, dogs, husbands, girlfriends, bit on the side, or err… just about anyone you want to really. From there, the kind folks at 118 will donate £1 to Movember, after you have added your dashing tacheoff picture to your profile. Easy, fun and all for a great cause.

On top of all that, 118 118 are offering an iPad 2 to the person that has the most votes for their submitted picture.
Now, I suggest you go and get creative (like me) and put a tash on it here:

Enjoy x

The Movember website is packed full to the brim with all the info you need to know about cancer awareness.

See Alice Harold’s wonderful blog here: