If I was a rich girl – Angel Jackson Handbags

If I was a rich girl, then I’d probably have lots (and lots) of wonderful handbags. What girl wouldn’t? I’d start by building up a nice little collection of Angel Jackson handbags and would probably invest in many more from there. Years ago, I ripped out a page of a fashion magazine showing one of the brand’s original Disco Rainbow Jai satchels, and sadly, I still haven’t got round to buying one. I was actually quite surprised to see how much Angel Jackson have grown since I last looked online – Unfortunately, my wish list has now expanded ten-fold. Oh. Dear.

Just take a look at some of these beauties…

If I was a rich girl - Angel Jackson Handbags


Angel Jackson launched their first collection back in 2005 and is an ethical luxury label run by British sisters Katie and Millie Smith. You can find out more about them here in this interview.

Now back to work I go… Handbags don’t buy themselves.

If I Was A Rich Girl – Swimwear

If I was a rich girl (and a skinny girl), I’d be on holiday right now and I’d be wearing some pretty expensive swimwear. Oh. Yes. I. Would.

Alas, I’m not rich girl and I’ve got more than a few lumps and bumps that are better off left in the dark! It’s all this food blogging you see… Does wonders for my taste buds, but zero for a flash looking body, fit for fabulous looking swimwear!

Even though I’m in need of some body repair work, it hasn’t stopped me browsing, so here’s a pick of my favourite Summer bikinis and one piece swimsuits. Aren’t they great!? However, I am just sitting here wondering why there is so much swimwear over £200… I’d need to work a 48 hour day to be able to afford just one *sigh*.


If I Was A Rich Girl - Swimwear


1: Missoni Mare – Royal Blue/Turquoise Triangle Bikini – £240
2: Mouille Santorini – One Piece Swimsuit – £99
3: Matthew Williamson – Digital Blossom printed triangle bikini – £175
4: We Are Handsome – Mustang Scoop One Piece Swimsuit – £214
5: Emilio Pucci – Printed triangle bikini – £240
6: Zimmermann – Wanderlust printed swimsuit – £240


If I Was A Rich Girl – House Of Hackney

If I was a rich girl, I’d purchase lots and lots of items from House of Hackney. That. Is. For. Sure!

I’ve been lusting after their Dalston Rose Ombre Lamp Shade for ages now, but unfortunately my budget will not allow for any spending splurges. *sigh*  Somehow it took me until today to actually spend some time browsing their website and boy was that a BIG mistake… Looking at things that I cannot afford, is just downright depressing!

House Of Hackney was launched in the spring of 2011 by Javvy M Royle & Frieda Gormley – A husband and wife team with an eye for beautiful bold designs, which are made ‘largely by traditional UK based specialist factories’. In June 2012, they launched their ready-to-wear clothing range, which I absolutely adore. Definitely one label worth saving the pennies for!

What do you think?

House Of Hackney Clothing

House Of Hackney Scarves

House Of Hackney Pyjamas

H of H offer up everything from furniture to wallpaper, lighting and bed linen, as well as trays, china and curtains. *swoon*

House Of Hackney Ombre Lampshade

House Of Hackney Velvet Crown Lampshade


House Of Holland Big Cushion

House Of Hackney Cushion

All pics from The House Of Hackney website.

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Ankle Boots
to be adored

If I Was A Rich Girl – Ankle Boots

If I was a rich girl, I’d buy boots. Lots of  lovely boots. Unfortunately, I’m not and I currently don’t have the space for much more footwear. *sigh*

I tend to set myself a maximum budget of £80 for any boots that I love. Very occasionally I push that budget up to £120. Good boots can last me for years and it’s generally worth the investment – I just need to work extra hard and sacrifice other things to help me justify my purchase.

A decent boot is much needed in my line of work, as I can be standing for six to seven hours a night. I like to look and feel good and a heel often makes me feel that way. Cheaper boots don’t always cut the mustard and my expensive taste catches me out every time.

Here is a selection of some of my favourite boots around at the moment…  I probably won’t be digging deep into my pocket for any of them, but there’s no harm in looking!

1: Christian Louboutin  – Marychal 100 Suede Ankle Boots – £795

2: ASH – Studded suede ankle boots – £199

3: Nine West – PERFECTPR5 – £190

4: Dolce & Gabbana –  Tapestry Suede Bootie – £802.73

5: MICHAEL Michael Kors – Black Leather And Patent Python York Booties – £190

6: Kors Michael Kors – suede ankle boots – £305