High Street and Designer Handbags to lust over

Handbags are not usually my thing and there are two reasons for this. 1) I can’t afford the bags I’m generally drawn to, so I tend not to look, and 2) I don’t really leave the house enough to warrant having more than a few (or maybe a few more than a few) of them. Don’t get me wrong, I could certainly write a blog post covering my collection, but I still wouldn’t say that they’ve been something that my bank balance should fear. Recently however,  I have found myself lusting after more than my usual share. This is bad… Very bad indeed.

Whilst browsing online over the past week or so, a few high street and designer bags have caught my eye. I probably won’t be buying any of them, but a girl can dream, can’t she? How nice are the Mimi Berry bags?!… and that Cara Delevingne bag is something else. How much?! *sobs*

Did I mention that this is bad?

High Street and Designer Handbag lusts

One… LOEWE – Puzzle small leather bag – Style it up with jeans and a leather jacket.

Two… Mulberry – Cara Delevingne BagNever gonna happen… *More sobbing*

Three… All Saints – Pearl Mini Hobo Bag“Minimalist and chic”

Four… Mimi – Eric – I’ll take one in every colour.

Five…  Banana Republic –  Italian Vachetta Bucket Bag – Caught my eye, but then I saw the reviews….


How many handbags have you got in your collection?

Until next time x

If I was a rich girl – Angel Jackson Handbags

If I was a rich girl, then I’d probably have lots (and lots) of wonderful handbags. What girl wouldn’t? I’d start by building up a nice little collection of Angel Jackson handbags and would probably invest in many more from there. Years ago, I ripped out a page of a fashion magazine showing one of the brand’s original Disco Rainbow Jai satchels, and sadly, I still haven’t got round to buying one. I was actually quite surprised to see how much Angel Jackson have grown since I last looked online – Unfortunately, my wish list has now expanded ten-fold. Oh. Dear.

Just take a look at some of these beauties…

If I was a rich girl - Angel Jackson Handbags


Angel Jackson launched their first collection back in 2005 and is an ethical luxury label run by British sisters Katie and Millie Smith. You can find out more about them here in this interview.

Now back to work I go… Handbags don’t buy themselves.

Bright and Cheery Zara Mini Shopper

After buying this Zara dress in store the other week, I decided to browse their website and came across a rather bright and cheery Zara Mini Shopper. I’d seen it in white in their Bluewater store and knew the size would be perfect for me – Bags the size of houses are definitely not a good fit for people under 5ft 2 inches and this one is just right… Unfortunately, I often find I’m lusting after the ones that are far too big for my person!

I’ve been looking for a spring and summer bag for a while. My current black day bag is all doom and gloom and too heavy looking for my lighter wardrobe, so I’m pretty chuffed with this find. It comes in at £22.99, and if you can’t find it in store then head to the Zara website. I generally purchase another item to warrant the free delivery (it’s free over £50) and then simply mail back the things I don’t want. I hate paying postage when it’s for an item that I can’t find in store!

What do you think? It comes in four colours – Black, green, white and orange. Which one would you go for?

I did order it before my below the line challenge, but it too some time to get delivered – So please don’t think I’m splurging the cash on such a sensitive week!

Zara Mini Shopper