GlossyBox… Again.

Ok, so I was meant to give up on the beauty boxes after Christmas… Or at least choose only ONE to subscribe to. FAILED!

After doing a bit of research on beauty boxes in December, I decided Joliebox was the one for me. However, when a discount code for the January Glossybox popped up on my screen last week, I couldn’t resist giving it one more chance. It would have been rude not to, as I was able to save a whole five pounds. Those discount codes get me every time!

I’ve noticed that one of the main complaints about all the boxes, is that they go missing in the post or don’t get sent out in time. In fact, I had that exact problem with Feelunique – My box didn’t come and after many attempts at emailing them, I finally got a response saying there were no more left in stock. Needless to say, I simply canceled my subscription with them and moved on.

Anyway, I’m happy pretty happy with this months GlossyBox. There were quite a lot of moisturising products, but I honestly can’t complain when I only paid £7.95 for it. The products are worth quite a bit more when it’s all added up and what I don’t use I’ll throw into my gift draw.


Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream / Extra Firming Night Cream – 15ml of each
£46.50 / £48 for the full size 50ml
These will be perfect to take away when I travel. I’ve never actually used Clarins…
So this is the perfect opportunity.

Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer – Dewy Finish – 5ml
£29 for the full size – 30ml
I’m not really a dewy finish type of girl…

FAB Gentle Body Moisturiser – 56.7g
£10.00 for the full size – 226.8g
A great travel sized product that will be used as my home bottles are huge!

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner – Midnight Blue – £9.50
Perfect for me, as I like a bit of retro eye.

If you want to try and get this box reduced by £5 then used this code: STYLISTDEC1411
I’m not sure when it will expire though, so be quick!
You can subscribe and then unsubscribe like I do – Using codes as and when you find them.

Glossybox tend to send out two different boxes and if you would like to see what you else you may end up with then take a look here:

Beauty Boxes – GlossyBox

With Christmas coming up, you are likely to be seeing quite a few posts here about things I am oohing and ahhing over, on my online shopping travels. A few years ago I started to subscribe to things for people as part of their Christmas gifts. I mean, why must I give them something they can only open on the 25th December. Sometimes it’s better to spread the gift of giving throughout the year – Don’t you agree?

Now, I wouldn’t like to subscribe to something and then find out it  is no good, so sometimes a little test purchase (treat)  may be in order…

I’m not actually one to read beauty blogs, as I tend not to splurge on products that much. Usually I’m a step behind when it comes to knowing what’s all the rage in that department. It wasn’t until I read my friend Yvonne’s blog post about a Spanish beauty box back in September, that I realised people have gone crazy for them here in the UK as well (Just call me dopey).

After a bit of investigating, I (slowly) sussed out that there many different beauty boxes that people can subscribe to on  a monthly basis. They all offer up a variety of trial size and sometime full size beauty products from various high-end brands. Every company tends to provide around five to seven products in their box. Some then give you a  discount code to use against the full sized products that they sell on their sites. I guess you knew that already didn’t you, as not all of you are living under a rock like me!

The other week I decided to subscribe to a few boxes for a ‘trial’ and the first one to arrive this week was Glossybox. I seem to have caught them in a bad week (typical), as they have had quite a lot of negative feedback about this months box on Facebook. You can’t please everyone all of the time, can you?

I paid £12.95 and was initially quite happy with my contents, that was until I used the face wash and my skin reacted badly to it. I expected to get most of the things I’d seen and didn’t want – However, it wasn’t all bad! I’m not sure I would need to subscribe to a monthly box on a regular basis, as I don’t really have the space or the time to keep myself beautified to the max. Now and then might be a lovely treat though… Um, or a gift subscription for someone I love obviously!

November GlossyboxLovely packaging – You will need the storage!

Contents: From left to right to front!

Dead Sea Spa Magik Facial Wash – 25ml (Full size -150ml / £8.80)
Not very high end or interesting and my skin didn’t like it one bit! Some poeple got the bath salts,
which would have been nicer.

Arbonne Cooling foot creme – Sample size – 15ml (Full size – 118ml / £19)
An odd and rather boring sample for the middle of winter.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 40ml ( Full size 500ml – £52.10)
This is  a pre shampoo treatment… I just keep forgetting to use it as it needs to sit on your head for
10-20mins before washing!

Nail Rock Nail Wraps (£6.65/full size)
They’re basically stickers that you stick on your nails, then file down to your nails shape… Not for me.

Illamasqua – Freak Eau De Parfum – Tiny tester (Full size 500ml – £59)
People seem to dislike perfume samples being added to these boxes and I can see why. This one smells nice enough and has a lot of hype surrounding it.


Lovely artwork

I will never use these – If you would like them let me know and I’ll stick them in the (UK) post as a special Christmas treat!

Here are a list of beauty boxes you may want to take a look at yourself.

Feel Unique
Boudoir Prive
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Have you subscribed to any boxes? I’d love to hear how you have got on x