Flats are back

So, apparently flats are back. Great news for people like myself who constantly have trouble finding nice looking shoes. There’s definitely a bit more choice in the stores at the moment, but the trouble I’m having is that I’m constantly attracted to suede shoes, which really don’t do well when it rains. Even with a protector spray, I find that they damage a lot more easily… Perhaps I  just need to be a bit less fussy and just deal with a few marks here and there. Probably.

I have to be careful when it comes to the style of shoes, because I don’t have very shapely legs and a rounded front just makes my legs look tree trunk esk (stumpy). Luckily I’m often drawn to a more pointed loafer and these  can be found in abundance at the moment in all sorts of colours and patterns. Below are a few of my favourite shoes in the stores right now. I love, love, love Charlotte Olympia’s Sleeping Kitty slippers, but ouch that’s quite  some price to pay!

Flats are Back

From left to right – Top to Bottom:
1: CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA –  Sleeping Kitty velvet slippers
2: Nine West – LAVALU5
3: KG Kurt Geiger – Lexie
4: ACNE – Noa fabric slippers

Flat Shoes

Nude Flat Shoes

I’m on the look out for flat shoes again… It may still be freezing cold, and many of us may still be living in our warm wellies and boots, but we girls really must be prepare for all seasons. My regular readers will know that I often  struggle to find a good pair of flats, so I thought I’d start looking now, to get a bit of a head start on the weather.  I was originally looking for a selection of flats in all different colours, but quite a few nude flat shoes have caught my eye. Here’s my pick of the best…

Nude Flat Shoes

From top left to bottom right:

1: Pretty Ballerinas – Flat Loafer
2: Laboratorigarbo – Mesh lace up shoe
3: DV by Dolce Vita – Oakes Flat
4: Aldo – Dobrus
5: ASOS Monogram –  Leather Loafers
6: Carvela Kurt Geiger – Lotus Nude


Flat’ll Do

I’ve been a bit uninspired to blog recently. It turns out life isn’t as fun when you are trying to get fit, and you don’t get paid quickly for all the hard work you do. I was in a foul mood for the majority of the past week and just had no motivation to do anything much at all.

This week will be better (shakes self). I read somewhere that a lot of bloggers stumble at about the nine month mark and fail to keep writing. I’m not quitting, but I don’t want to bore you people off with my constant moaning that’s for sure!

Anyway, nothing like a bit of retail therapy to cheer a (penniless) person up. I popped into Bluewater again on Friday, to try my luck with the flat shoes that I’ve been searching for. I didn’t get the exact pair that I had been looking for, but I did come home with two pairs of pretty comfy and practical shoes for the spring and summer.

The said pair of shoes has had a few mixed reviews online, but I think they will do the job for me. I found a tan pair (in the Topshop section of House of Fraser) and wished they were black, but chose to purchase them anyway… Then when I went into the actual Topshop store, there they were, in black. I’m keeping them both because I always tend to get two of everything if I think I’ll get a full wear out of it. I always regret it when the stock runs out and mine is in tatters.

So, what do you think of these?

I’d have liked them to be about £25 for what they are, but I’m happy I have some flats for my holiday. The soft leather hopefully means less blister issues!

Available from HERE from Topshop in lots of lovely colours.

Shoes (More) Glorious Shoes

I’ve spent quite some time over that past few days, browsing for shoes online. I’m looking for something that you would think would be easy enough to find… Just a simple pair of delicate black flats. I wear a lot of patterned skirts and dresses, so just need something plain and simple for my feet. We are talking about daytime comfort here. Nothing too drab (like a school shoe), but I don’t want a sandal and I don’t want chunky. You get me?

Last year I got these shoes from Aldo…

I also got them the year before and I’d probably get them again, if they still stocked them. They’re obviously a bit run down now from excessive wearing and I don’t think I’m going to get much more wear out of them. I suit a pointed shoe and these were perfect for me.

Now I’m stuck!

These are the best flats I could find that were similar…I’m just not sure. A bit plain Jane.

I really like them in a Cognac though… BUT, that’s not what I’m meant to be looking for now is it?!

Anyway, I’m bored of chatting about flats that I can’t find. Take a look at some of these beauties…

1: Miss Selfridge – PARASOL Natural Suede Boot – £75.00
2: ZARA – Two Tone Platform Court Shoe – 49.99
3: ASOS –  PRAIYA Peep Toe Double Platform Court Shoes –  £55.00NOW £44.00
4: Nine West –  Cunning7 Courts –  £115
5: Nine West – Rocha – £95
6: Dune – BERNIE D – Point Court Shoe £85.00

  Have you found any great shoes? If so, what sites do you recommend?