ASOS Picks

I’d been waiting for what seemed like an age for a new ASOS code* and wrote a long blog post centered all around not having one last night, then low and behold one dropped in my inbox before I had time to share it with you all… Mustn’t grumble as I really did need that code, but that blog post really did take some time to write. Typical!

My wish list was growing bigger and bigger by the day, but I refused to shop without a code because every time I do, a new one pops up directly after. I kept getting emails about the ‘wonderful’ 50% off ASOS offers, but we all know those are the average clothes they are just trying to shift from their warehouse and all I really needed was the items I’d saved.

I’ve become a very lazy shopper recently. Rarely roaming the high street stores, with just the occasional trip to Bluewater to check out the quality of some items before I purchase them online. Bad for the high street I know, but good for my bank balance, what with all my little money saving code and Quidco skills. Practically all of my clothes have come from the ASOS petite range of late and some from the rest of the site when I’m lucky enough to to fit into them. I bought a great skirt from Topshop the other week – The picture on the site doesn’t do it justice at all, but the feel and fit is just right. It’s the perfect little skirt for the black faze I’m going through right now.

Anyway, so while I wait for my much needed parcel to be delivered,  I thought I’d put together a few of my favorite items on ASOS at the moment. Some petite, but most not because you aren’t all as vertically challenged as myself.

 * The code I have for ASOS is for premier accounts and is: PREM20 – Available until Sunday.

Asos Picks

From left to right:

1: Sessun 70s Jersey Dress
2: ASOS Blazer In Floral Rose Jacquard
3: Mango Floral Print Top
4: PETITE Exclusive Quilted Shift Dress In Leather Look

Asos Recent Picks

1: Warehouse Scallop Embellished Jacket
2: Sessun Shirt in Abstract Camo Liberty Print
3: ASOS Pleated Kilt in Camo Print
4: ASOS PETITE Exclusive Biker Coat


Sister Jane

Every now and then, I head on over to Asos and buy a whole heap of clothes that I’m almost certain won’t fit, or suit me. I do this because I sometimes get stuck in a bit of a ‘clothes rut’ and I like to test out new styles without having to wander the high street for hours on end, only to come back home in a total grump after not finding anything different that suits me… I much prefer shopping online and trying things on in the comfort of my own home, even if I often have to send most of it back.

It has been quite some time since Asos has stocked things I have liked. I’ve spent many a Saturday afternoon browsing over 1000+ dresses in my size, only to come away not having seen a single item that I have wanted to buy. Last week, I appeared to have struck it lucky when I came across the Sister Jane brand and I may have gone a little bit overboard and decided to order three of their dresses and one skirt – Armed with my voucher code and purchasing via Quidco for an even bigger discount of course.

Whilst praying that at least one of them would look good on me (I’m in dire need of new clothes), I opened my Asos parcel and it suddenly dawned on me that my bank balance was going to take a little hit… Sister Jane is right up my street; full of beautiful bold colours and made with with quality material, there’s no way I’m returning these wonderful clothes! Unfortunately, they do need a little bit of alteration work, but I’ve come to the conclusion that if I’m ever going to wear the style I want, then this is going to have to be the case for most things I buy.

Anyway, I’m very happy to have found Sister Jane and now I’m not allowed to do anymore shopping for quite some time. *sad face*
Have you got any Sister Jane clothing? Here are some of my favourite pieces…

Sister Jane



If I Was A Rich Girl – Swimwear

If I was a rich girl (and a skinny girl), I’d be on holiday right now and I’d be wearing some pretty expensive swimwear. Oh. Yes. I. Would.

Alas, I’m not rich girl and I’ve got more than a few lumps and bumps that are better off left in the dark! It’s all this food blogging you see… Does wonders for my taste buds, but zero for a flash looking body, fit for fabulous looking swimwear!

Even though I’m in need of some body repair work, it hasn’t stopped me browsing, so here’s a pick of my favourite Summer bikinis and one piece swimsuits. Aren’t they great!? However, I am just sitting here wondering why there is so much swimwear over £200… I’d need to work a 48 hour day to be able to afford just one *sigh*.


If I Was A Rich Girl - Swimwear


1: Missoni Mare – Royal Blue/Turquoise Triangle Bikini – £240
2: Mouille Santorini – One Piece Swimsuit – £99
3: Matthew Williamson – Digital Blossom printed triangle bikini – £175
4: We Are Handsome – Mustang Scoop One Piece Swimsuit – £214
5: Emilio Pucci – Printed triangle bikini – £240
6: Zimmermann – Wanderlust printed swimsuit – £240


Bershka – Take your shades

Is it just me, or are more and more stores making their lighting so bright that you need to be fully prepared, with shades on before walking in?! No? Just me?… Oh well. When I went into Bershka a few weeks ago, I had this very problem, but alas I was shadeless! I truly hate the whiter than white lighting, but I guess there must be some reason they opt for it. I’m a creature of the dark you see, and I guess the kids of today like things gleaming!

I don’t often go into Bershka because generally it’s not the usual style I go for, but I’ve been pretty poor of late and desperately needed something new (and cheap) to wear for Alex’s next DJ gig at the Aviator. Surprisingly I found a dress that fits like a glove and was only £25.99. Bargain! It’s super slimming and can be dressed up with a pair of massive heels, tights and my shrunken linen lapel blazer… Shades optional if you are preparing to be out all night!

 It looks nicer in the flesh than online, but below is an image from the website…
What do you think? Do you shop in Bershka?

Bershka - Take your shades


Nude Flat Shoes

I’m on the look out for flat shoes again… It may still be freezing cold, and many of us may still be living in our warm wellies and boots, but we girls really must be prepare for all seasons. My regular readers will know that I often  struggle to find a good pair of flats, so I thought I’d start looking now, to get a bit of a head start on the weather.  I was originally looking for a selection of flats in all different colours, but quite a few nude flat shoes have caught my eye. Here’s my pick of the best…

Nude Flat Shoes

From top left to bottom right:

1: Pretty Ballerinas – Flat Loafer
2: Laboratorigarbo – Mesh lace up shoe
3: DV by Dolce Vita – Oakes Flat
4: Aldo – Dobrus
5: ASOS Monogram –  Leather Loafers
6: Carvela Kurt Geiger – Lotus Nude