Winter Coat Picks

I’m on the look out for a new winter coat. Oh yes, I am! Some (Alex) might say that I don’t need another one to add to my collection, but I’m sure they (he) are just saying that because we have a bit of a lack of space in the house. I’ll find room, don’t you worry – there’s always room for more clothes!

Winter coats are in abundance in the shops at the moment, but unfortunately I can’t say that many are grabbing my attention. It’s always a tricky process buying a coat when you are vertically challenged, but it’s particularly tedious when your usual go-to website has such a dismal selection… Have you seen what ASOS have on offer for petites this year? They seriously need to up their fashion game, that’s for sure! The rest aren’t much better either. Sad times.

Faux fur, puffer, parka and camel coats seem to be a keen trend for 2014 – Also XXL coats, which is obviously a complete fail for me. I must say I am often drawn to a fluffy, soft number and have seen a few faux fur coats I quite like. I wore my  Michael Kors Puffer to death last year and it was a godsend – so warm and comfy, for my late nights working outside on the club guest lists. I’ll probably have to rely on it again this year, but I’d love to find a new coat to wear during the day. Now I’m wearing jeans again, I think a bit of re styling needs to be done… good excuse eh?!

Anyway, below are a few of my winter coat picks for 2014 – a mixture of different styles for all occasions. Let me know which is your favourite, or whether you have seen any other winter coats that I should be casting my eyes over.


Winter Coats 2014

From left to right – top to bottom.

1: Petite Collarless Blanket Coat – Topshop
2: Capri Textured Coat – French Connection – Use Code OCTF20 for 20% off French Connection
3: Elliot Padded Parka – Whistles
4: Cotton Parka – Zara

Winter Coat Picks

1: Camel Waterfall Coat – Next
2: Waterfall Front Parka  – Topshop
3: Wool Cocoon Coat – M&S
4: Furry Coat  – Zara


Oh, and a little word from Charity Hands On London – they need your old winter coats. Read on HERE

Pick 3: Summer Sale Dresses

The sales are well and truly running and it’s time to nab those bargains. Summer sale dresses, half price shoes, you name it, the deals are on.  I often use this time to buy another of any item that I’ve loved. Worn it to death? Just buy another… at half price! Unfortunately for me, I’ve only got loose change rattling around at the moment, so I can’t splash out. It’s not as bad as it sounds though, as I rarely find things that I love in the sale anyway. Keep telling yourself that Zoe… Just keep telling yourself!

Regular readers of my blog know that I’m a dress kinda girl and I’ve been keeping my eyes open for any sale gems, just in case I happen across a money tree in the next few weeks. Below are three little numbers that I love… What do you think? Have you got your eye on any Summer sale dresses?

Summer Sale Dresses

From left to right:
1: Dahlia – Eloise Oversized Floral Shirt Dress
A great pick for festivals. Add leggings and boots for an edgier look, or go bare with sandles and a wide brimmed hat.
2: Whistles – Stevie Crystalised Floral Dress
Such a lovely colour for summer. Perfect for any special occasion.
3: Mango – Stripped Ponte Dress.
This dress screams summer in France to me. An evening stroll along the beach, before dining al fresco. *dreams*


ASOS Spring Picks

I hold on to my clothes for a very long time. Not always out of choice (as you know that I find it hard to find anything that fits), but generally because when I like something a lot I tend to buy it twice. Sometimes thrice… oh, yes!

When we were on holiday the other week, I found myself wearing exactly the same outfit I had worn five years ago in the same country. Eek! I felt groggy and un-stylish, so made it my mission to scour the web ASOS, when I got home. I’d say I have a pretty good eye for fashion and if I was wealthy (and taller) I’m sure I’d be a lot more on trend. Unfortunately, I’m neither, so let’s just say my wardrobe is not looking it’s best at this point in my life. Must. Make. More. Effort.

I always find it annoying when magazines and websites rant on about how great celebrities are for being so on-trend and ahead of the game, when they probably all have stylists chained to their wardrobe… Look, if we all had that sort of cash, I’m sure we’d be able to do it too!

Anyway, here’s a little peek at some of the clothes that caught my eye – My ASOS Spring picks. I’ll hopefully get around to a proper wardrobe overhaul soon… One day, one day!

ASOS Spring Picks
Top left to bottom right:
1: Warehouse Jacquard Floral Print Top
2: The WhitePepper  – Boxy Crop Top in Floral Print
3: ASOS PETITE – Breton Stripe Top
4: ASOS PETITE –  Cute Kitty T-Shirt

Asos Spring Looks

Top left to bottom right:
1: Warehouse Pleated Print Midi Skirt
2: ASOS Blazer in Pastel Lace (& Shorts)
3: Motel – Boxy Crop Top In Tropical Print
4: ASOS Crop Top & Shirt Palm Tree Print


These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things – John Lewis

I’ve always been partial to a department store and it has to be said that one of my favourites is most definitely John Lewis. I can often be found roaming around their Bluewater store, browsing the women’s clothing and accessories with a certain man (Alex) dragging his heels behind me! Actually, If I’m totally honest, John Lewis is the one shop that Alex doesn’t mind spending time in. I have tactics you see… If he’s getting a little huffy puffy, I simply just move into the tech or sunglasses section of the store and all is forgotten. He’s a sucker for those things, you see.

The John Lewis women’s wear section is pretty much the ideal place to go if you are in a rush to pull together a whole outfit. I’m talking shoes, clothes, sunglasses, handbag, lingerie… The works. What’s not to love?! It is my go-to store for so many occasions, but mainly it’s the shoes… hmm, and the bags… um, okay and the sunglasses! I just love the ease of having it all in one place, and the staff are so lovely you usually don’t feel pressured into buying anything.

As well as roaming their stores, I can also be found spending time on the John Lewis website and have recently been eyeing up a few items, in the hope of nabbing something nice before I head to NYC next week. I know that a lot of people wait until they go away to do their shopping, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually found much to purchase on any of my trips abroad. Well, nothing that I’ve actually worn after buying. Oops!

Here’s a little selection of what they have on offer at the moment…

John Lewis - Sunglasses

From top to right – Top to bottom.

1: Ralph Lauren RA5154 Transparent Cats Eye Sunglasses, Grey – £108
2: John Lewis Women’s Colour Block Round Acetate Sunglasses – £25 (I love these!)
3: Dolce & Gabbana DG4171P 277313 Cat’s Eye Sunglasses, Sand – £136
4: Ray-Ban RB4171 865/13 Wayfarer Sunglasses, Havana – £98 ( I also love these!)

These are a few of my Favourite things #John Lewis

1: Mulberry Bayswater Leather Grab Handbag, Bluebell Blue
2: East Leather Hobo Handbag, Tan
3: Somerset by Alice Temperley Ennismore Large Top Handle Satchel Bag, Tan
4: Ted Baker Jamun T Clasp Clutch Handbag, Pale Green

John Lewis Womenwear

1: Boutique by Jaeger Floral Tea Dress, Red / Multi – £150
2: Louche Dornay Dress, Navy/Cream – £69
3: Jigsaw Tencel Dress, Blue – £75
4: Miss Selfridge Assorted T-Shirt Dress, Blue/Orange – £42

Do you love John Lewis as much as me?

 This is a sponsored post, but every word is the truth… I really, really want all of the above and Alex really does get all ‘huffy puffy’ ;)


Flats are back

So, apparently flats are back. Great news for people like myself who constantly have trouble finding nice looking shoes. There’s definitely a bit more choice in the stores at the moment, but the trouble I’m having is that I’m constantly attracted to suede shoes, which really don’t do well when it rains. Even with a protector spray, I find that they damage a lot more easily… Perhaps I  just need to be a bit less fussy and just deal with a few marks here and there. Probably.

I have to be careful when it comes to the style of shoes, because I don’t have very shapely legs and a rounded front just makes my legs look tree trunk esk (stumpy). Luckily I’m often drawn to a more pointed loafer and these  can be found in abundance at the moment in all sorts of colours and patterns. Below are a few of my favourite shoes in the stores right now. I love, love, love Charlotte Olympia’s Sleeping Kitty slippers, but ouch that’s quite  some price to pay!

Flats are Back

From left to right – Top to Bottom:
1: CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA –  Sleeping Kitty velvet slippers
2: Nine West – LAVALU5
3: KG Kurt Geiger – Lexie
4: ACNE – Noa fabric slippers

Flat Shoes