Dinner By Heston

Dinner By Heston is without a doubt my absolute favourite place to eat. We’ve been lucky enough to have been there three times now, and last night’s visit did not fail to impress, yet again!

A while ago we decided to cut out our weekly visits to places like Pizza Express and all of our other weekly take away haunts, just so we could invest a bit more money into annual trips to much more pleasant restaurants. I don’t miss the cheap stuff one bit!

We always tend to book a table at Heston’s after 9pm. I know it’s not good for you to eat so late, but we find the restaurant to be a lot less crowded at that time, and there is an extremely pleasant atmosphere when the place is winding down for the evening.

I failed to order anything different from the menu, as I had planned, but I managed to persuade Alex to order a different dessert just so I could have a sneaky taste. It all seemed to taste so much better than the last time we went, and I just couldn’t stop grinning throughout the whole meal. I LOVE good food!

My one gripe with Heston’s is that the cheapest bottle of red wine they serve is £35 and it’s £45 for the cheapest bottle of white. I appreciate this is fine dining, but it would be fantastic for us lower earners if there were at least a few more cheaper options. I chose to have a few drinks before we left home and planned to forgo the booze, but when we were there we both decided to order a gin and tonic. I had Hendricks and Alex had a Sipsmith’s – We thought they would be a better option than the wine, but they ended up costing us £28 for the two anyway. Fail!

Unfortunately, our pictures didn’t turn out as well as I’d have liked because we were trying to be discrete in a room full of suits, but I thought you’d like to see them anyway…

Meat Fruit (c.1500) – Mandarin, chicken liver parfait & grilled bread – £14.50
I’m sure this was smaller than the last time I had it… I usually donate some to Alex, but he lost out this time!

Spiced Pigeon (c.1780) – Ale & artichokes – £33.00
Alex’s main dish which was divine.

Black Foot Pork Chop (c.1860) – Hispi cabbage, lardo, ham hock & Robert sauce – £30.00. Definitely better than the last time I had it and a much bigger portion. We purchased the sides separately for £4.50 each.

Taffety Tart (c.1660) – Apple, rose, fennel & vanilla ice cream – £9.50

Tipsy Cake (c.1810) – Spit roast pineapple – £10.00
This brioche is absolutely amazing!

Tea for two.

Chocolate and Earl Grey Ganache with a caraway biscuit – The perfect end to a delicious meal.

Book your spot at Heston’s HERE or check out the whole menu.

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Birthday Treats

Well, there’s no running away from it… Yesterday was my Birthday and I had to up the number of my age. Bluuurgh!

I remember the days when I thought that anything over thirty was ancient. I certainly don’t feel ancient and I’ve well and truly passed that goalpost – I guess it’s how I feel that actually counts isn’t it?!

Family members have spent the past few weeks trying to suss out what I wanted for my birthday this year and I’ve been as difficult as ever. I honestly don’t need anything at all, which makes me a real pain to buy for. My flat is too small to fit anything else in it, and I have an extremely specific style of things that I  like. It’s undoubtedly best that I go down the same route of asking for vouchers every time. I do appreciate people like to buy actual gifts that they can wrap, but I find that vouchers work out to be the best option. If everyone clubs together, I can get some clothes online and I’m more than happy with that. A girl always needs new clothes!

I’m not really into birthdays anymore, but will be dragging mine out a bit this week.  Last night we celebrated by having a lovely dinner and a few cocktails at home, but the real treat is tonight when we return to Dinner By Heston. This weekend we have an overnight stay planned at the Aviator with some friends. Alex is DJing for the night and we will all be treated to what looks like a terrific tasting menu. I’ll certainly be filling you in on all the details next week –  Food porn pictures coming your way soon!

So, this year some of my birthday gifts included – ASOS vouchers from my family, Mich Turners Cake Masterclass book from some friends in Australia and the following lovely treats…

I love this book! The London Style Guide includes lots of lovely images of London
and reveals lots of its ‘hidden’ places that locals love.

I wouldn’t normally want a tea towel for my birthday (not very Rock n Roll).
However, I saw this on Howkapow’s website a few weeks ago and I’d say it sums me up nicely.

An annual favourite…

Alex’s Gran is now the ripe old age ninety two and is still just about managing to master the art of tatting. I asked for a piece for our lounge before she decides to give up completely.

We had a bit of trouble with these flowers that Alex got me as they didn’t fit any of the vases we own. I’ve split them up and spread them around the house!

Alex’s Promise to me. I’m posting it here so I have witnesses and he will have no excuse but to finish the decorating!
Apparently my main gift didn’t come in the post in time… I don’t mind as it’s nice to receive gifts after your birthday as well.

So, that’s it. Another birthday done and one more year added on. I’m off  to ease the pain with some voucher retail therapy…