Shop. Shop. Shopping

I tend not to have too much patience when it comes to clothes shopping. My first port of call is always the online stores because I’m not much into trawling the streets looking for things that I know will take me hours on end to find. My three staple shops for the past few years have been ASOS, Topshop and Urban Outfitters. It’s not often you will find me straying from these and that is mainly because I hate trying on item after item, only to find nothing fits. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love great fashion – It’s just that most of it is currently out of my price range or simply drowns me.

Occasionally I’ll have a successful burst in Miss Selfridges, but that is generally when I’m looking for summer clothes. I don’t find that being only 5ft 1nch holds me up too much in my stores of choice because they tend to make clothes a lot shorter than I’d usually dare to wear, meaning they quite often come in at the right length for me.

Rather annoyingly, I’ve recently found that ASOS just doesn’t have as solid a selection of clothes as it used to. I don’t know if my tastes have changed, or it’s because of the seasons, but I’ve certainly struggled to spend my birthday vouchers on the site. However, I’m slowly getting there and managed to bag a few dresses this week. I wasn’t totally convinced that they looked terrific online, but ordered them anyway… Luckily It worked out and I’m two items up!

This Ruby Rocks Ikat Print Dress is right up my street colour wise. I was worried about the fit, but it pinches me in at all the right places and is actually very flattering. I got it for £28 (reduced from £45), but it is now out of stock.

I honestly thought I’d be sending this River Island Contrast Lace Skater dress straight back, but have finally learnt that not everything on ASOS actually looks like it does in the flesh as it does online. It may not look like it’s worth a million dollars, but when I tried it on it really suited me. I think it will look fab with my dark denim jacket and will be easy to dress both up and down. A steal at only £12!

Do you have a favourite shop that you always go back to? Is it just me or has ASOS lost it’s way a little?

Tba Jeannie Dress

When I was in Brighton over the weekend, I tried on a tba dress that I’d been eying up for some time. It was in the sale at Urban Outfitters, reduced from £160 to £80… I generally try exceptionally hard not to spend £80 on a dress, so walked away leaving it on the rack. I thought that I could probably buy it online if it were still on my mind later.

Fast forward a few days and it was still in my thoughts so, I decided to take a trip into Brighton again –  Not really for the dress, but mainly because it was a lovely day and I wanted some more time by the sea. Honest! If the dress still happened to be there then, that would surely mean it was meant to be.

Well, what do you know?! It was there and I decided I should unquestionably snap it up and take it away with me. Job. Done.

When I got home with the dress, I started to doubt myself again. Do I truly need it and will I get more wear from it than it is worth? It is now sitting in a bag, whilst I mull it over. I’m beginning to think that if it needs this much thought, then it’s obviously not the dress for me. In fact, I am now sick to death of thinking about it and returning it may be the only option. Maybe…. AHHHH!

What do you think of the dress? Should I keep it?

to be adored – Jeannie Dress

Do you ever go through this much indecision when buying clothes?!

Fashion Focus: Miss Selfridge Petites

I normally wear a lot of dresses and skirts because it is a bit of a mission to find trousers when you barely reach the dizzy heights of 5ft 1 inch. Luckily I don’t seem to be restricted to the petite section in most stores because a lot of dresses are designed to be worn just below the rear – These are generally the perfect length for a petite who doesn’t need to look like mutton dressed as lamb!

If I am heading for a petites department, I find I’m constantly drawn back to Miss Selfridge. They are particularly suitable for maxi dresses and are not too expensive compared to other high street stores. They also tend to stock extremely colourful items, which I’m always drawn to.

Below are a few of my top picks that are currently in stock. I’m resisting the urge to buy  at the moment, but who knows what the weekend might bring…

Petites Smudge Floral Maxi – Price: £33.00Also available in standard sizes.
This is in the same style as another maxi that I purchased from Miss Selfridge last year.
I have a feeling that it will look even better in store… If only we had some sun!

Petites Ombre Shirt – Price: £32.00
I probably wouldn’t wear this myself due to the lack of sleeves, but I think it deserves a mention for looking so fab.

Petites Zip Front Playsuit – Price: £39.00 – Also available in standard sizes.
Great detail on the front, which turns this plain coloured playsuit into something a bit more desirable and flirty.

Petites Zig Zag Printed Dress – Price: £37.00
I purchased this dress to take with me on my trip to San Fran and I love it!
It fits perfectly and looks fab with a denim jacket and footless tights.

Have you got a favourite high street store that you constantly go back to for the correct sizing?

Holiday Shopping A La Zoe

Whenever I go away on holiday, I never really get my hopes up when it comes to holiday shopping. I’m happy to walk around and browse for days on end, but I don’t expect to find things that actually fit me. I tend not to find much that I like or items that I haven’t seen in London or online. We are pretty spoilt for choice here and I don’t think there are many places that compare.

San Francisco prides itself on it’s independent stores and we found a few lovely boutiques, plenty of vintage shops and on top of that lots of MASSIVE drugstores. I found there was extremely little in the way of clothing stores that suited me – Boutique stores worldwide tend to sell things in sizes that are slightly to big for vertically challenged people like myself anyway. They can also be a bit pricey.

I was very surprised to find a lovely independent boutique called Ambiance, just around the corner from where we were staying in Haight. It was full to the brim with wonderful brightly coloured clothes, jewellery, bags and shoes. As soon as we hit the floor Alex decided it was his time to hit Starbucks… He knew I’d be there for a while!

I ended up buying two dresses in the end. Both were about $50 each ( Around £3o)

What do you think?…

Other holiday purchases included…
This sheer top from Nordstrom Around $35 / £21 (I think)
(Not a great picture – It looks a lot nicer on)

We spent a heck of a lot of time in Anthropologie – I’ve never actually been to any of their stores here in the UK, but have heard many good things. This candle was about the only thing we liked that would not to too much of a hassle to get back home. Unfortunately, we forgot to blow it out the other night and it’s already pretty much gone.. The room smelt awesome though – I’m sure Jim the fish enjoyed it while we were sleeping!

Need I say more…

Crap – Everyone has Crap to do and buy. I’m a huge fan of these notepads.
They come with all sorts of messages and in all sizes. This was our final purchase in San Fran. It was pouring with rain and we were trying to kill time before heading to the airport.

Where in the world do you like to shop other than your own country?