Win Hotel Chocolat Goodies

I have a confession to make. I have never been into a Hotel Chocolat store before. I’ve never eaten chocolate made by them, and I’ve never even purchased gifts for anyone from there either. Yes, you heard me. Never.  I’m not really sure why, but it has now been brought to my attention that I’ve seriously been missing out!

I’ll be honest, when Hotel Chocolat asked me if I’d like to review some of their products, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. When I realised I could try the products and offer one of my lovely readers the chance to win some as well, I thought it had to be worth the taste test. I know how much some of you love chocolate. I obviously had to check they had vegan products and luckily for us, it turns out they do* – and quite a lot of them at that. Bloomin’ marvellous.

As with everything these days, it took me quite some time to decide what I should opt for… It’s a tricky business choosing chocolate, don’t ya know! Here’s what I went for:

Gianduja Bombe Selector – Well, these were quite the surprise. Absolutely delicious. The thing I miss most about eating milk chocolate is the creamy texture. These certainly fill that gap without containing milk. They are smooth and creamy and have just the right balance of hazelnut for me – well, I say ‘are’, but they didn’t last long… More please!

Gianduja Bombe Selector

70% Dark Chocolate Batons. I love these! Again, these are so smooth and taste delicious. One should be enough to fill your craving, but I cannot tell a lie. I can often be found going back for another a little later. These would be ideal to take with you to a dinner party or why not just buy some for yourself. I know I will be doing just that. Alex isn’t overly keen on chocolate and I  did hear him utter the word ‘yum’ when he did a taste test for me. Enough said.

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel chocolat Calendar

I have chosen a Fruit & Nut Frenzy Giant 500g Slab and a Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar to give away to one of you lovely lot. I hate to say the C word, but we all know Christmas is looming and there is plenty to share out with this selection (if you do so choose). All you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

Win Hotel Chocolat Goodies


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  • All Hotel Chocolat products are made in the same environment. There is a small chance these products could contain milk traces.

Hotel Chocolat use sustainable, ethically sourced cocoa beans in their products. What’s not to love?

Take a look at their Christmas store – So much chocolate goodness!

JING Tea & William Curley Special Edition Tea & Patisserie

Sometimes press releases can be very dangerous… Very dangerous indeed! After reading the news that JING tea and William Curley have paired up for a special edition tea & patisserie this week, one thing lead to another and I found myself purchasing shed loads of chocolate (that I didn’t need) from Mr Curley’s site –  Sometimes these things need to be sampled you see, and I’m definitely going to have a chocolate tasting marathon when my order arrives!

Unfortunately, I haven’t really got the time to step away from my desk over the next few days, which is a shame because this special pairing has been launched for one week only (21st- 25th May), at William Curley’s boutique Belgravia store. It’s all in celebration of the Chelsea Flower Show – another event I’m yet to get to, after many years of London living. Shame on me.

The special menu includes; ‘William Curley’s Rose, Raspberry and Lychee Dome of champagne and rose jelly, with lychee curd, pain de gène, fresh raspberries and raspberry mousse served with JING Ceylon and Rose Tea, made with a careful blend of dried pink rosebuds and the season’s best China black teas, providing the softness of freshly picked roses’

Oh. My!

If you can make it to Belgravia then take a look at the full details HERE. For those of you who can’t, I’ve found a sneaky 15% discount code that is valid on William Curley’s site until May 30th HERE. Enjoy!

JING tea & William Curley Special Edition Tea JING tea & William Curley Special Edition Tea & Patisserie

Easter Eggs Galore

I generally don’t eat Cadbury’s chocolate, and it wasn’t until the other night that I had a bar for the first time in years. Last week I asked Alex if he could buy me an Oreo Cadbury chocolate bar because I was curious, but alas they had sold out and he came back with a massive bar of the normal sickly sweet stuff. Of course,  I ate it anyway!

I guess the reason Cadbury has been on my mind lately is because of the Egg’n’Spoon double chocolate mousse eggs that have been advertised on TV for Easter. It seems they are impossible to get anywhere so I’m yet to test them out, but I should be heading to Selfridges this weekend and  it appears they currently have some in stock (well on their website at least). I absolutely love going to Selfridges at Easter time, so this is the perfect excuse!

I’m usually more of a dark/expensive chocolate kinda gal – I don’t eat loads of it, but if it’s there I certainly don’t say no. If there’s one time of the year that eating chocolate by the truckloads is acceptable, then it has to be Easter. I’ve had my beady eye on quite a few eggs that are out there this week, so here’s a pick of my favourites…


Where do you usually buy your Easter eggs? Any Favourites?

For the grown ups…


Easter Eggs Galore

From top left to bottom right

1: Selfridges – Flame milk chocolate Easter egg filled with mini eggs – £39.99
2: Prestat – Marc de Champagne Truffle Easter Egg – £15
3: LindtLindor Mini Eggs – £6.19
4: Artisan – Colombian Jungle Egg – £19.99
5: Fortnum and Mason – The Colossal Egg – £90!
6: James Choc0lates – Dark Macaroon Egg – £10


For the kids (and the grown ups)…

Chocolate Easter Eggs Galore

From top left to bottom right

1: Harrods – Sweet Jelly White Chocolate Egg – £24.95
2: Chococo –  Foiled Milk Chocolate Eggs with Treats – £9.50
3: Lindt  – Gold Bunny & Carrots – £5
4: Artisan – Emoticon hen eggs set – £9.99
5: Bon Bon Buddies – One Direction milk chocolate Easter eggs and mug – £5.99
6: Cadbury – Egg’n’Spoon double chocolate mousse – £5.49

Ohso Chocolate

I wouldn’t say I’ve over eaten during this festive season, but I have certainly reached out for a few more chocolate treats than were necessary. I blame Santa and so should we all!

The other day we paid a visit to Harvey Nichols and a very kind man was offering free samples of Ohso chocolate. I didn’t actually hear what he was saying after the words ‘would you like to try’, but when I came back in from my chocolate scoffing zone, I was made aware that what I was eating was actually beneficial for me. ‘What is this magical chocolate goodness?’ I hear you ask…

Apparently initial studies have revealed that, compared to dairy products, chocolate is a superior and better carrier for intestinal delivery of probiotics. You know those drinks that pack out the fridge in the supermarket – Actimel, Yakult and the like… Well, if you are a fan of those and like chocolate, then Ohso is certainly worth the taste test. Ohso claim that the ‘good’ bacteria lasts three times longer in their chocolate than in yoghurt drinks. A chocoholics dream!

Ohso is made from 53% cocoa solids. I personally like mine a little darker, but its smooth Belgian chocolate texture is easy on the pallet and it tastes perfectly agreeable to me. It’s packed full of vitamins D and E and is also cholesterol and lactose free. One bar will only use 72 calories of your precious daily calories (if you are counting). The bars are available in 7-bar weekly packs – If you so choose, you can arrange delivery of a pack a week, here on their site:

I’m not quite sure I could eat a bar a day myself, as I’m more of a once a week girl (if that), but I’ll certainly be dipping into Ohso every now and then and I look forward to seeing a new company build on its reputation, when it hits the supermarket shelves.


£3.95 for a pack of 7 – Currently selling exclusively in-store at Harvey Nichols: HERE
Try your first pack for half price or order your weekly delivery here: Osho

Happy Eating! x


* Update Jan 2013 – You can now by Ohso from Ocado