A week of Gordon Ramsey and Pedigree Tea

Phew! We’ll I’m glad that week is over… Hurray for the weekend! As predicted, we were pretty busy all week and unfortunately I had quite a few sleepless nights due to one sick little puppy. I mustn’t grumble though, as we got up to some rather lovely things  – All of which involved food. Oink!

On Tuesday, Alex treated me to lunch at Gordon Ramsey’s Maze restaurant, which was delicious. One advantage of freelancing is that you can take time off during the day and just make up the hours whenever you like, which makes getting bookings in popular restaurants a whole lot easier. We were there for the set lunch menu, which comes in at a reasonable £25 for four courses. Obviously the price starts creeping up when you add in drinks, but it really was great value for the quality of service and food that we received. Everything was delicious and I’d definitely recommend adding it to your list of places to eat, if you can.

On Wednesday, we were invited to take a Pedigree Tea for Betsy the Chihuahua’s first Birthday. Yes, I did say Pedigree Tea! Love The Princess in Primrose Hill are big lovers of dogs and as well as offering an afternoon tea for humans they also offer special treats for your dog. We had a really lovely afternoon and again the food was absolutely amazing. We’ll be blogging more about it over on Dog Friendly UK soon, so do keep an eye out for that review.

As Thursday came around I was hoping for a night in, but we’d arranged to meet a few friends at the Miller pub for their relaunch. After having tasted the Street Kitchen’s hot dogs last week, I was really looking forward to getting my hands on another, so dragged my butt out for yet more grub. We had a great night, but alas the hot dog I had didn’t seem to taste as good as the one I’d had the week before. I’m hoping it’s just because they were extremely busy at the launch… They had many mouths to feed and could well have been feeling the stress of it all. Don’t get me wrong, the dog was still tasty and The Miller is worth a visit if you are in the area – I just think I had set my expectations a little high on a very hectic night.

So, there you have it. I’m now catching up on work today, before heading off  to review a hotel in Rye for Dog Friendly UK on Sunday. Hopefully next week will involve a little less activity, as I’m known to be a bit of a hermit and it’s all been a bit of a shock to the system!

How was your week? Have you been to any nice restaurants lately?

Duck and foie gras terrine, black pepper poached pear, sauternes gel.

Duck and foie gras terrine,

Beetroot soused mackerel, horseradish potato salad, granny smith apple jelly.

Beetroot soused mackerel

Pork belly, razor clams, wasabi, crushed peas, lobster and sake dressing.

Pork Belly

Yuzu “tea cake’’, mango & lime jam, lemongrass ice cream.

Yuzu Tea Cake

Birthday Chihuahua at Love The Princess.

Besty's Birthday cake

Love The Princess Pedigree Tea – Besty’s Birthday cake


Treats for humans and doggie treats to.

Love The Princess

Love The Princess Pedigree Tea (Cakes)


So elegant. Face full of cake.

Love The Princess Pedigree Tea - Betsy The Chihuahua

Love The Princess Pedigree Tea – Betsy The Chihuahua


Some Puppy Love

Betsy has grown up so much over the past few weeks and even though she is still a tiny dog, she seems to look a great deal bigger. She has been keeping us pretty busy, but has unquestionably been a terrific addition to our little family. It’s pretty difficult to get decent photos of this energetic little Chihuahua, but I thought I’d share some of our picture puppy love with you anyway…

Some Puppy Love… A moment of calm (Aug 15)

A little nibble on my very expensive Emilio Pucci sunglasses!

A little light reading perhaps

A little gymnastics

Bonding time

Growing up fast (September)

Fox-like Chihuahua

She loves to lick. Me. A lot.


Great Success!

We’ve gone from hissing to sniffing and then onto some scrapping, but today after two weeks, we have finally restored some peace and love…

Really. Do you have to sit there?

Ah, I’m too tired to make a fuss…

… And Relax.

I see a happy partnership forming.


Introducing Betsy The Chihuahua

So, we’re back from Paris and I had every intention of making that news my next blog post, but life sort of took a bit of a diversion when we got back… Yesterday our home was invaded by a puppy and I’ve got too far many pictures of cuteness to show you before I chat about my trip away!

I’m not quite sure what made us decided we wanted a new addition to the family, but we talked out all the pros and cons and ended up with Betsy the tiny eleven week old Chihuahua. She’s not as miniature as some Chihuahua’s come, but is currently standing at about a third of the size of our cat – I thought this would help Fat Cat adapt with a bit more ease and it seems to have worked. They haven’t quite buddied up for life yet, but they have now stepped into the same room as each other – It’s a decent start, as Tigger was under the bed for most of yesterday evening.

We all had a very long night. Fat Cat, Alex and I were woken every two hours for about half an hour as Betsy was crying in the kitchen all night. I expect we’ll have plenty more nights like this, but we are going to be strong and make that the place she sleeps until she is fully trained up. The funny ole thing pooped in her water bowl and made a right royal mess of the room, so a wise choice I think!

Turns out it’s not as easy to take photos of an energetic young pup as it is of a lethargic fat cat, but here’s what I’ve got to show you…

So, that’s Betsy. Get used to her face because I’m sure you are going to see a lot more of her! :)