Great Success!

We’ve gone from hissing to sniffing and then onto some scrapping, but today after two weeks, we have finally restored some peace and love…

Really. Do you have to sit there?

Ah, I’m too tired to make a fuss…

… And Relax.

I see a happy partnership forming.


Introducing Betsy The Chihuahua

So, we’re back from Paris and I had every intention of making that news my next blog post, but life sort of took a bit of a diversion when we got back… Yesterday our home was invaded by a puppy and I’ve got too far many pictures of cuteness to show you before I chat about my trip away!

I’m not quite sure what made us decided we wanted a new addition to the family, but we talked out all the pros and cons and ended up with Betsy the tiny eleven week old Chihuahua. She’s not as miniature as some Chihuahua’s come, but is currently standing at about a third of the size of our cat – I thought this would help Fat Cat adapt with a bit more ease and it seems to have worked. They haven’t quite buddied up for life yet, but they have now stepped into the same room as each other – It’s a decent start, as Tigger was under the bed for most of yesterday evening.

We all had a very long night. Fat Cat, Alex and I were woken every two hours for about half an hour as Betsy was crying in the kitchen all night. I expect we’ll have plenty more nights like this, but we are going to be strong and make that the place she sleeps until she is fully trained up. The funny ole thing pooped in her water bowl and made a right royal mess of the room, so a wise choice I think!

Turns out it’s not as easy to take photos of an energetic young pup as it is of a lethargic fat cat, but here’s what I’ve got to show you…

So, that’s Betsy. Get used to her face because I’m sure you are going to see a lot more of her! :)


Cat Snapping

Sometimes, when I get a bit bored between jobs,  I just follow fat cat around the house to try and catch him off guard and get an amusing picture. It’s not hard to follow him because he doesn’t move much, but catching him off guard is never terribly easy – He certainly isn’t up for entertaining me.

We’ve had quite a bit of warm weather here lately which appears to have given me a bit more luck. He is slobbing around a lot and seems very restless. He won’t forgive me for posting some of these pictures, but let’s consider it payback for his annual moulting session that seems to be never ending!

Definitely my favourite picture so far…

Here he is doing what he does best…

Some more cat love HERE

Banana Cat

When life is dull and we are overworked, this is what we (Alex) do in our house for entertainment…



HELP! Life urgently needed.

See more weird cat here…

Normal blogging will resume shortly.

Some Cat Love

We’ve finally invested a bit of money in new camera after talking about it for quite sometime.  The only person in this house that doesn’t seem so happy about the new purchase is my cat Tigger. I’ve been following the poor little mite around the house and shoving the lens in his face for the past few days to get in a bit of practice. I’m going to need quite a bit more experience, so let’s hope we don’t fall out in the coming weeks.

Here are some of the pictures I like the most… (Taken with a Nikon D3100)

And finally… This picture just about sums up the type of cat he really is!