Hydraluron Moisture Booster, Peptabright and Eysilix

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I have been testing out Indeed labs Hydraluron Moisture Booster, Peptabright and Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue, and as I’ve been using them for a few weeks now, I thought it was time to give you a quick update. The news is good, people. The news is good! It’s quite rare for me to really love a product, but after just a short time Hydraluron and Peptabright have really impressed me.

Hydraluron Moisture Booster is applied before moisturiser and contains hyaluronic acid, which basically increases your skins hydration levels. It has the ability to hold 1,000 times its own weight in water which is then held within the epidermal layer of our skin. I’m not going to go too much into the science of it all (you all know I don’t have a clue what it all means!), but what I will say is that this has worked wonders for me and it did so after only a few days of use. My skin no longer has any dry patches and feels as smooth as a babies bum. This has in turn really helped with the appearance of my make up and I feel my foundation sits so much better on my skin already. I am using it religiously morning and night and I suggest you give it a go if you suffer with dry skin.

As a blogger in my mid thirties, Peptabright is just what I have been looking for. A cream/serum which is meant to even skin tone, prevent, treat and diminish dark spots, restore luminosity and radiance, as well as reduce and lighten pigmentation. Tick. Tick. Tick. That’s a big fat tick. It works! My skin has been looking so much better since I started using this twice a day and it has definitely evened my skin tone. Just apply a small amount of Peptabright after toning and then apply a little Hydraluron, followed by your usual mosturiser. It may seem like it’s a lot to do both morning and evening, but it actually takes no time at all and you’ll love the results – especially if you have more ‘mature’ skin that needs a bit of oomph.

When it comes to the Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue – I’m never really sure if eye creams are truly working on me… I can sort of see less dark circles around my eyes, but I’m not going to tell you to rush out and buy it just yet. I do hear it works wonders on others though, so you may want to give it a go. Boots often have a 3-for-2 on the Indeed labs products, but unfortunately the most recent  has just ended – Keep your eye out for another though as I think they happen quite often.


The One Where She Baked a Cake for the Dentist

Make-Up Free Day For Me

Ah, what a shame… I thought my dentist had bailed on me because the receptionist at his surgery knew nothing about my implant appointment tomorrow, but sadly it turns out he just hadn’t added it to the diary and it is still due to go ahead… Where’s my luck when I need it eh?!

I’ve been reading through all the information sheets that I have been given in preparation for my anesthetic tomorrow, and it turns out that I’m not allowed to wear any make up for the appointment… Not a scrap! WHAT!? I literally can’t remember a single occasion when I have left my house make-up free – We’re talking since I was about 14 years old or maybe even longer folks. I probably had perfect skin way back then, but have always been extremely insecure about my looks and guess I, like many women, have always used make-up to make me feel that little bit better about myself.

I actually rarely wear make-up around the house anymore and have taken to using BB cream (favourite so far being Dr Jart+) if I do want to make my skin look a little better during the day when I work from home. My skin reacts pretty badly to the wheat and potato foods that I shouldn’t eat (but do), and I honestly couldn’t fathom leaving the house without some sort of cover to even out my skin tone. I often hear many women say that their make up item of choice is mascara, but for me its foundation all the way and leaving the house without it has certainly taken a tiny piece of my thoughts away from the dental procedure I’m about to undertake! I guess that’s a good thing then… Wish me luck!


Do you wear make-up every day? What one product could you not live without?

Check out this make-up pet peeves video – I think I’d rather go bare faced than look like this!



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Vampire Facial

Growing old gracefully is a pretty hard task these days. There is a lot of pressure for us to look our darned best, coming from magazines, television, the fashion world, blogs, celebrities and many more directions to boot… They are constantly firing new products, style must-have’s and treatment advice from all angles, and I have to admit I’ve been sucked in on more than a few occasions and I suspect you may have to.

When I saw the news about Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial the other day, I just rolled my eyes and moved on. Much to Alex’s disgust, I watch the Kardashians on TV – I’m not sure why because it is often a mind numbing experience, which I regret soon after and sometimes even during! Anyway, after moving on, I later started to think about why a thirty two year old pregnant woman feels the need to go to such lengths… I then thought about how I’ve been feeling about ageing recently (not great) and  came to the conclusion that I can’t be feeling half as miserable as Kim because there is certainly no way I would ever consider a blood facial. What. The. Heck?!

A blood facial is where they draw blood from your own body (typically from your arm) and then mix that blood with certain chemicals, shake it about a bit (scientific explanation = Spin in a centrifuge) to form platelet rich fibrin matri (huh?) and then basically inject it back into your face. Again… What. The…?!

Apart from messing about with her body whilst she is pregnant, Kim really should think about how she is influencing her millions of young fans. There will no doubt be an increase in the amount of people seeking out this treatment and somewhere along the line something will no doubt go wrong for someone. Each to their own, but when you influence so many others around you, surely it might just be good to simply set an example and either grow old with a little more grace, or at least keep it private.

Over the past few years, I’ve been dabbling with many more products and have spent quite a bit of time seeking out tips and tricks for ways to keep my ‘youthful looks’. It wasn’t until last week that I finally came to the conclusion that I was much better off before – I read less about the next big thing, tried out less gunk on my face and also felt a lot less pressure in general before I started out on my mission for eternal youth.

I’ve always known deep down that it’s actually all about diet, exercise and general healthy living, but I just got caught up in it all (mainly because I struggle with all three of those!). I’ve decided enough is enough, and although I may still dabble a bit in the future, I’m going to try extremely hard not to be fooled into parting with my hard earned cash when it’s not needed.

The vampire blood facial could not be further off my radar if it tried!

Would you ever get a vampire facelift folks? How do you feel about the pressure of ageing?

Vampire Facial


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Biologique Recherche Lotion P50

There are often times in life when you and I end up splashing the cash on products that we don’t genuinely need, and it just so happens that my moment came last month when I dug deep and invested £50 in a bottle of the cult Biologique Recherche Lotion P50. Now, don’t judge me… I was feeling particularly depressed and was really feeling my age, when I happened to come across a post on beautymouth.com informing me that Liberty had begun to stock this product, which so many people were finding to be totally amazing. It was pretty hard to find in the UK before Liberty started to stock it and I wanted in on a piece of the action! There went my fifty hard earned pounds.

Biologique Recherche P50 lotions should be dabbed on after cleansing and are classed as gentle exfoliators, which  balance the epidermis. From what I read online, people think this stuff is pretty much a magic potion. EU regulations mean that we cannot get the original P50 1970 formula containing Phenol, and I’m presuming that this magic (tingling) ingredient that makes this product so incredible. I’m no scientist, but what I do know is that the version I bought in the UK is not really impressing me as much as the other poeple who rave about it.

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50

There are three formulas and I couldn’t decided which to go for first – As I’m in my mid thirties, I’m not sure if my skin is classed as mature or not… I mean most of these things are usually reviewed by twenty somethings online and it’s not easy to know where you stand when you are a bit of a dinosaur (boo hoo)!

After a little digging, I discovered that the P50 is recommended for seborrheic and/or hyper-keratinized “Skin Instants” (EH?); then there’s P50W for fine, sensitive “Skin Instants” (That one I get) and finally the P50V for less toned and/or devitalized “Skin Instants”. I decided to opt for the P50V, following an online recommendation that stated it was best to start on either that or the p50W before moving onto the stronger P50.

Anyway, I’ve been using the product for three weeks now, applying twice a day after cleansing and without using any other exfoliator products. I have normal to dry skin and sometimes very dry (which is particularly dry during these winter months). During the first week of use it became a lot dryer and I broke out. I guessed that this was part of the skin balancing process, and I honestly wasn’t too fussed as had nowhere important to be.

During the second week, my skin cleared up, but it was still dryer than normal, I had the occasional break out, but nothing too drastic. This week is my third week in and I’m actually not seeing any significant results at all. There were a few days during which I thought that my skin might have been a little smoother than normal, but it’s hard to tell if that was because of the magnificent Ren serum that I used for a few nights.

So there you have it. I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t choose the correct P50 lotion, or because it simply wasn’t for my skin, but this particular product hasn’t worked for me so far. I’m going to keep up with it because sometimes you just need to give products a bit more time and I really, really hate wasting money like that. I’d like to get back to using Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant as soon as possible though as that stuff really does work wonders for my skin. Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 is definitely not on my ‘make me beautiful’ list… Well, not the EU version anyway.

Have you tried any Biologique Recherche products and if so how did you find them?

Liberty appear to be out of stock at the moment, but check back HERE later if you are looking to buy some.



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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Often at this time of year, my skin becomes extremely dry and I’m guessing I’m not the only person with this problem. Aside from the cold weather creating skin havoc, I find that the  warm air heating system in our house just adds to my grief! I’ve never actually been very good at changing products to suit the seasons, but this week decided something had to be done, so I’ve been testing out Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and a few other products to try to improve my skin.

I was lucky enough to receive two free gifts with my Daily Microfoliant, which included PreCleanse and a Gentle Cream Exfoliant. I’ve used them all now and I have to say they are excellent products. After the first use of each, I noticed my skin instantly perked up and was smooth as silk. After a few more uses it was a lot brighter and appearance improved greatly.

The Daily Microfoliant is the real gem in this pack. It’s a rice-based powder, and you simply add water to about half a teaspoon of product, rub into your face in circular motions for about a minute and then rinse off. The partials are small so it is not at all harsh and just needs a gentle rub. I was a bit worried about using it at first as someone had warned me that I might break-out in spots due to this stuff seriously lifting all the grime off your face. However, I’ve had nothing but smooth and great looking skin so far. I’m more than impressed! It does come with a price tag of £38, but these products last for quite some time and I’d much rather have a few less meals out in return for a smoother face!

Dermalogica is not a product that I’ve used before and I’m now pretty keen to try out their skin treatments in their Liberty Spa room (luckily I have a voucher for that)! If the Daily Microfoliant has worked this kind of magic on my face, then who knows what the rest will do! I shall report back to you very soon.



Daily Microfoliant


If you still have space on your Christmas wishlist then why not add the Daily Microfoliant to it and maybe even some of these beauty gift sets. I was in the Liberty store the other day and was very tempted by everything I saw. They are currently offering £30 off every £150 spent. Just use the code CHRISTMAS2012 and gain free shipping too. I’ve got my eye on these Essie nail varnishes, but alas have far too many as it is!


*This is a sponsored post, but it really is one super product.