Aviator Antics

On Friday night,  Alex and I headed back to the Aviator in Farnborough with friends as the hotel had asked him back for another DJ set. He rarely has time to DJ these days, as he so busy with other work, but the Aviator is one gig I’m not willing for him to turn down! I love the hotel, the food and the random times we have there, and once again we had a fantastic night.

It was a bit of a rush getting there in Friday night traffic, but after a quick change on arrival we headed straight down for some delicious food and copious amounts of wine and cocktails. Alex worked his magic behind the decks and we all had a little after party in our suite – Apparently ordering even more food from room service to eat on top of the cake that I’d made for both Jo and Paul’s birthday.

I’m told that we wrapped the night up at around 4am and I annoyingly woke up an hour and a half before we needed to be down at breakfast (why does that always happen?). Breakfast is never a chore at the Aviator and I really, really needed it on this occasion! Alex and I checked out much later in the day and luckily for us my mum lives ten minutes down the road from the hotel, so we popped into her place for some more recovery food (what are mums for eh?), before heading home to catch up on some much needed sleep.

My body is still trying to repair itself after my night out on Friday… It’s pretty depressing how much longer it takes, the older you get! I had a brilliant night out nonetheless, and I’m hoping they ask Alex back for another visit soon. I might spend a relaxing night in the room next time though!

Here’s a few snapshots of the food… Not great shots I’m afraid, but lugging a camera around whilst drinking is never at the forefront of my mind. Take a look at the Aviator’s great site for some much better camera action.

Aviator Antics






Our Weekend

We’ve been pretty useless with our camera lately. It’s just a bit too bulky to be carrying around with us everywhere and after a busy weekend, I’m full of regret. It never left the hotel room and then spent the rest of the weekend at home. Must. Try. Harder.

Anyway, we managed to capture some of the weekend on our camera phones, so I thought I’d share what I have…

On Friday, we returned to the Aviator Hotel, as Alex was asked to DJ there for an event. We took along some friends this time and had a fantastic night. We ate plenty of  food and drank plenty more cocktails.

Me. Oh, how I love to make myself look better with a bit of instagram action!

My main dish of new season Hampshire lamb three ways with Jersey royals, peas, lettuce & rosemary jus.

When Alex had finished playing at the bar, we all retreated to our room as the manager had organised for some champagne to be delivered. Perfect time for Alex to pull out a belated birthday cake, which he got from Patisserie Valerie. I’d like to say that I partied like a rock star, but I spent a lot of time lying on the bed whilst the others partied for me. Lame.

Needless to say, we spent much of Saturday recovering.

On Sunday Alex and our friend Paul had the epic task of completing the London to Brighton bike ride, along with thousands of others for charity. Alex chose to ride on his Brompton. Mission!

They stopped on the way for food and managed to make it to the end in one piece. Well done them!

I kept myself busy by taking the train (sensible option) to Brighton, treating myself to a bit of retail therapy and by soaking up the sights. I then meet friends to cheer them all on at the finishing line.

What a lovely weekend we had! I hope you had a great weekend too.

Birthday Treats

Well, there’s no running away from it… Yesterday was my Birthday and I had to up the number of my age. Bluuurgh!

I remember the days when I thought that anything over thirty was ancient. I certainly don’t feel ancient and I’ve well and truly passed that goalpost – I guess it’s how I feel that actually counts isn’t it?!

Family members have spent the past few weeks trying to suss out what I wanted for my birthday this year and I’ve been as difficult as ever. I honestly don’t need anything at all, which makes me a real pain to buy for. My flat is too small to fit anything else in it, and I have an extremely specific style of things that I  like. It’s undoubtedly best that I go down the same route of asking for vouchers every time. I do appreciate people like to buy actual gifts that they can wrap, but I find that vouchers work out to be the best option. If everyone clubs together, I can get some clothes online and I’m more than happy with that. A girl always needs new clothes!

I’m not really into birthdays anymore, but will be dragging mine out a bit this week.  Last night we celebrated by having a lovely dinner and a few cocktails at home, but the real treat is tonight when we return to Dinner By Heston. This weekend we have an overnight stay planned at the Aviator with some friends. Alex is DJing for the night and we will all be treated to what looks like a terrific tasting menu. I’ll certainly be filling you in on all the details next week –  Food porn pictures coming your way soon!

So, this year some of my birthday gifts included – ASOS vouchers from my family, Mich Turners Cake Masterclass book from some friends in Australia and the following lovely treats…

I love this book! The London Style Guide includes lots of lovely images of London
and reveals lots of its ‘hidden’ places that locals love.

I wouldn’t normally want a tea towel for my birthday (not very Rock n Roll).
However, I saw this on Howkapow’s website a few weeks ago and I’d say it sums me up nicely.

An annual favourite…

Alex’s Gran is now the ripe old age ninety two and is still just about managing to master the art of tatting. I asked for a piece for our lounge before she decides to give up completely.

We had a bit of trouble with these flowers that Alex got me as they didn’t fit any of the vases we own. I’ve split them up and spread them around the house!

Alex’s Promise to me. I’m posting it here so I have witnesses and he will have no excuse but to finish the decorating!
Apparently my main gift didn’t come in the post in time… I don’t mind as it’s nice to receive gifts after your birthday as well.

So, that’s it. Another birthday done and one more year added on. I’m off  to ease the pain with some voucher retail therapy…