Certainly Not The Wrong Trousers Gromit

I haven’t worn a pair of trousers out for about 6 years. Seriously, it’s been that long! I’ve definitely mentioned quite a few times before that shopping as a vertically challenged person is not at all easy. I simply lost the will to live when it came to trouser shopping and it’s not just being short that was the hindrance… I’m happy to take a trip to the tailor so he can hack off a foot of material from the bottom of most things, but like a lot of  people I don’t have a perfectly shaped body. In the past, if trousers fitted in the waist then they didn’t fit in the leg and if they did fit in the leg, then they were too tight on the rear – You get the jist. When I get fed up with something, I really get fed up with it, so I totally gave up on trousers for a very long time.

I’m not sure what happened this weekend, but I suddenly got the urge to give them another chance. I’ve managed to get by wearing dresses and skirts for an age now and have always been quite happy, but something was niggling at me, so I started an online browse. After hours of trying to find a pair that didn’t have a peg leg (for my lacking-in-definition ankles), I purchased one pair of trousers. One pair – The one and only chance I was giving trousers again!

To my absolute amazement, this pair of Vero Moda Very Printed Trousers fit perfectly. I’m still in total and utter shock. I don’t even have to take them for a trip to the tailor, they were in the sale AND I’ve even got a top and jacket sitting in my draw that completes the look. Did I mention I am in total and utter shock!?

My only dilemma today is whether I should stop with the trouser shopping right now and just bask in the glory of a fabulous piece of luck, or whether I should continue to look for a few more pairs to fill my A|W wardrobe…

Have you had the same problems as me when it comes to trouser shopping? If so feel free to share your tips and tricks.

Vero Moda Very Printed Trousers:
Purchased at Asos for £44 – I thank thee!
They look much better in real life than on the Asos model…

Maxi dress for a mini

My pre holiday diet has been a shambles – A total disaster! I am due to leave for warmer shores in five days and I seem to be dreaming, thinking and eating food non stop.  Last week I decided there was only one thing for it. Not quite so desperate as to go as far as Nigella Lawson and her burqini, I have been on the hunt for a maxi dress for a mini person. Time to cover up some of those lumps and bumps, at least until I get a bit of a tan… No mean feat for someone who is 5 ft 1 let me tell you!

I think I may have found the perfect maxi for a wedding I’m going to in August but I’m still trying to bring the whole outfit together and am not 100% convinced. As with most clothes in my life it does need a tad bit of altering (about a 3 inch snip off the bottom), but I can live with that. It’s finding the maxi dress for my holiday that I’m having the big problem with. I ordered the following dresses from ASOS and nearly drowned trying to put them over my head! So much material for such a small person…

I love this 70’s inspired dress but just got totally lost in it.
Not a good look as the bottom half is a lot fuller than it seems in the picture.

This dress is really pretty but just looked very wrong on me. I looked like I had a tiny top half and a big fat bottom half.
Once again far too much material going on at the bottom for a petite person.

After hours of searching I have decided to make one more last ditched attempt and have ordered three dresses from Miss Selfridge.
Not somewhere I normally shop simply because I haven’t ventured into one of their stores for quite a few years now. The dresses are not something I would usually consider but desperate times calls for desperate measures!

Petites Tribal Animal Maxi Dress – £49.00

Petites Bandeau Maxi Dress – £39.00
I have a feeling this one will make me look a bit like a curtain but I waned to give it a try as the picture often lies… We’ll see.

Petites Moroccan Maxi Dress – £33.00 – The cheapest of the three and I might be popping over to Morocco for the day…

Wish me luck and if any of you short folk have the perfect dress then let me know.