Swimwear for him

Following on from my women’s swimwear blog the other day, I thought I would take a little look online at the options that are available to men this season. Now I’m no expert but I like them shorts short. Not sure why. I just do. As long as the man wearing them doesn’t like to do star jumps too often, I’d choose them any day. (The shorts – Not the man)

I wasn’t that impressed with what I found really but hey, I’m more interested in Bikinis anyway! Diesel seems to come up trumps for Alex every year and they have quite a few on offer this year as well.

These Diesel boxers were the best that I looked at as I love a lot of colour in anything.
Get em quick if you like them as they are in the sale – Down to £34 from £48

(I’m a bit annoyed I couldn’t see the models face but that’s life!)

I quite like the pocket detail on these Diesel boxers
(Means the man in your life will have somewhere to store his cash on his way to the ice cream shop)

I’m partial to a plain pair but these Vilebrequin Mid-Length Swim Shorts
come with pretty hefty price tag of £100

Finally, I’m really not quite sure what to make of these Orlebar Brown
I think I like them but something just doesn’t seem right…
It doesn’t matter anyway as they come in at a whopping £180

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