Stop Shorts Riding Up… Yup!

The other week, I found myself Googling ‘how to stop shorts riding up’ in a last ditch attempt to find something different to wear. Yup, spending my spare time wisely, as usual! From there, I  found myself on a ‘fat chicks’ website (their words not mine) and eventually ended up finding a solution which would enable me to wear a slightly different style of clothing – that solution being PSST: Puts Shorts Straight Today… Yup, I’m actually wrting this stuff in a blog post!

I’m definitly not someone who is overweight, being a size 10 petite, but I wasn’t lucky enough to be blessed with the world’s  shapeliest legs that fit the general image of a small petite lady and like a lot of women, I have never been overly happy about my figure. As if buying fashion for a super-short person wasn’t enough of a challange, I’ve also found myself having to find styles that cover my legs at all times. I hate my legs (there I said it) and I’ve spent a long time wishing I could be just that little taller so I could get away with wearing  jeans without feeling overly uncomfortable and squished.

Somewhere along the line, I adapted a skirts/dresses and tights style – or in the summer, footless tights. It’s a style I’ve grown to love get used to, but there comes a time when everyone needs a change. A year or so ago, I found one pair of trousers that fitted perfectly and I wore them to death. The probem was that I had to wear them with heels so they didn’t quite make it into my daywear wardrobe and I was still stuck with the usual wear – Skirts. Dresses. Skirts. Dresses. Tights. Footless tights. Zzzzzz.

Every now and then I would try on a pair of shorts, only to find they gradually shiffted away from where they were meant to be sitting. Not a good look. Oh, no. there’s no denying that! So, in an attempt to buy something out of the limited range I had been dealing with, I ordered a pack of PSST on Amazon and a pair of shorts on ASOS, in a rush for my trip to NYC and I’m pretty happy that I did. They did the job and I now find myself with a bit more scope when it comes to shopping. They don’t make many skirts that fit me, you see. GAH! Where is the love!?

PSST (polyester material strips) are easy to apply to your shorts, as you just iron on and go. They are a little thick, so you can feel that they are there, but I’ll take that over no shorts at all. If you have a little more time than I do and are  slightly more skilled then you can make your own (with felt)… As someone who has previously sewn the skirt she is wearing to stips of fabric, I’m never going there!

So, there you have it. The  story about the petite girl with tubby thighs. Bet you’re glad you read that then.

I hope it is helpful to some of you out there. Is there a UK equivalent? I don’t know… Do tell us if there is. x

The shorts I bought… (the top doesn’t fit… booo)

Stop Shorts Riding


…and then I bought some more. Whoop! (Still wearing the tights though)

Stop Shorts Riding Up

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