Soulmatefood Juice Cleanse Update

So, I’m about to start day four of the Soulmatefood Juice Cleanse and I’m pretty chuffed that the only time I’ve strayed was to eat a handful of sugar snaps on day one. Yes, I got as far a one whole day before straying… Lame. I was really hungry when I went to bed and knew that if I didn’t snack on something I’d never get to sleep, so I caved and felt much better for it. Aside from that, I’ve actually found the juices to be pretty filling. Alex has been holed up in his studio all week, so I’ve been home alone, which I must say has helped a lot. He was home on the first day for dinner and decided to whip himself up a nice steak and some potatoes.  Showing his support as always!

Day Two was the toughest by far. I had a dull headache all day, even though I’d been consuming bucket loads of water. It could have been a result of the cleanse, but the weather has been very humid and probably isn’t helping issues. I felt so full of juice that I only managed to drink five of the six juices. Day Three was actually a breeze, although I have noticed I’ve been a bit snappy all day. The only time I felt like snacking was when I got a bit bored in the evening. I’m definitely one of those people that eats when bored, hence why I gained pounds over the winter. Note to self: Get a hobby that doesn’t involve food!

Two more days to go and then I’m off to Paris. I can’t wait! Perhaps I should have done the detox after my trip… Oh, well. I’m sure I’ll be back to home-juicing on my return, but that will certainly involve a lot more veg as all this sugar is giving me the shakes and I’m still paranoid about the effect it is having on my teeth.

Wish me luck!

Until next time… Check out my crazy Chihuahua because juice pictures are simply no fun! x


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