Some Cat Love

We’ve finally invested a bit of money in new camera after talking about it for quite sometime.  The only person in this house that doesn’t seem so happy about the new purchase is my cat Tigger. I’ve been following the poor little mite around the house and shoving the lens in his face for the past few days to get in a bit of practice. I’m going to need quite a bit more experience, so let’s hope we don’t fall out in the coming weeks.

Here are some of the pictures I like the most… (Taken with a Nikon D3100)

And finally… This picture just about sums up the type of cat he really is!

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  1. januarysublime July 30, 2011 / 2:34 pm

    Love the blog! Nice to see someone else write about more than just one thing! Very jealous of the new camera, I recently had to sell my SLR to afford to live, the grief! JS x

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