Sleepless nights?… Not Just yet thanks

As I type this yet another one of my friends has probably announced on Facebook that they are pregnant for the first or maybe even the second or third time. I’ve reached that age you see. In fact you could say I reached that age quite some time ago. Especially as I live not too far away from Lewisham –  The thriving hub of teenage pregnancy.

It’s not that I don’t like kids. I’ve been a nanny in London on and off for the past 14 years and have enjoyed most of that time. I just really LOVE giving the little rotters back at the end of the day! Sleepless nights and the loss of my regular Gin and tonic are simply not high on my agenda right now. Even at this age (34 – There I said it), after being quite a later starter in life, I feel like I’m only just finding my feet and that there is still much more to be done before I add another miniature person to the planet. Alex and I are both quite vertically challenged and I imagine we would produce someone of a similar size which would be quite mean of us wouldn’t it!?

I’ve always thought that I would most probably adopt a child and maybe even foster kids at some point. If it was totally up to me I’d probably do that over having my own child but alas, I am part of a ‘team’ and I’m sure there will be plenty of long discussions on this matter when the time is right and no doubt I will cave in. It just doesn’t make sense to me personally right now to make having my own children my top priority when there are so many children that I’d like to help out first.

The other day I was getting well and truly wound up when I caught some of Vanessa’s show on BBC London. People were discussing whether or not ‘an adopted child could ever really ever be yours’. I appreciate that there are many reasons for having a child and that you never feel the love you do for anyone as you do for your own children, but seriously no child can ever really be yours (to own) – They are their own person and that should not matter when it comes to thinking about adoption.

Anyway, on a brighter note… Who needs kids when you’ve got this… ;)

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  1. Yvonne Duffield June 16, 2011 / 11:31 pm

    I’m amazed that anyone thinks that people who adopt don’t love their kids as much as a biological parent does. You have to bond with your child and that doesn’t happen automatically, whether you gave birth to them or not. There is a lot of nonsense talked about the whole subject, everyone should feel free to have or not have kids as they want. Funnily enough I’ve always felt more inclined to adopt than give birth.

  2. Tara Hawes June 18, 2011 / 12:17 pm

    Totally agree with you on the adoption front. After many years of working as a nanny, including an after-school job at a children’s home for several years, I’ve always thought that there are more than enough unwanted children in the world. And yes plenty to adopt if and when the time is right. Plus one big kid is definitely enough for me to look after right now!

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