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I’ve never been much of a shoe person. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved putting on a nice pair of heels, but I’ve never really taken the time to stock up and search for shoes that I didn’t really need. However, over the past few months I seem to have developed an odd lusting for shoes. Particularly of the heeled variety. This is no good. No good at all… My bank balance simply won’t allow it!

Ignoring the two pairs of shoes I bought the other week for a wedding (yes, I needed two just in case), I’ve had to stop myself from going totally shoe mad. I try really hard not to look online, but when that email from Kurt Geiger pops into my inbox on a regular basis, I find it simply too rude to ignore. Drastic action must be taken, so I have decided it’s time to hit ‘unsubscribe’ for a while.  Before I do I just had to take one more look so I could share a few of the wonderful shoes around at the moment with you.

You may notice that the shoes I have selected are mostly suede (not the best for a night in the pub unless sprayed to death with protector), but the stores have them in all different materials. Happy shopping!

1: KG – Kurt Geiger – Eleanor –  £130 ( I love these the most but can only sale buy at that price)

2: Nine West – Kaboose Court – £75  (In the sale so grab them quick – Very comfortable but also very high!)

3: Office – Minted court – £65

4: Aldo – Nasrin – £70

5: L.K Bennett – Sliver Sandal – A whopping £195 *dreams*

6: Schuh – Polly toe cap court – £70

If you would like to see more shoes that I accidentally come across online then follow me on Pintrest HERE:

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  1. filelalaine September 12, 2011 / 5:37 pm

    Two shoes for one party seems very reasonable to me.

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