Seeking Refuge – BAFTA Winner

On Sunday night, Alex (my long-term fiancé) and the Mosaic Films team headed off to the Children’s BAFTAs, because the Seeking Refuge animations, which he composed the music for, were up for an award. I was hoping Alex would guest post for me, but when it comes to writing text he’s not always the best man for the job and tends to spend more time saying he’ll do it than actually doing it! Alex prefers to sit and write music and because he does so well at it, I’ll let him off… Just this once.

Anyway, the most fabulous news is that Seeking Refuge won the BAFTA in the Children’s Learning Primary category. Hurrah!  Alex is tremendously happy and his parents even more so! I’m thrilled for him too, but if I show too much joy then he’ll only grow a colossal head and think that he no longer has to do the washing up.  I’ll keep my joy under wraps until he wins an Oscar, and by then he should be able to afford to pay someone to clean up after him!

Alex had a fantastic night at the BAFTAs. He was interviewed by Hacker T Dog (who?) and sat somewhere near Jedward. He failed at my challenge to get a picture with them all and also failed to bring home my ‘Tiddly BAFTA’ chocolates – Can you believe that someone pilfered them while he was collecting his prize? The cheek of it! In true pauper style he returned home from the Hilton on the night bus… Well, you can’t have it all can you!?

Congratulations to Alex and the Mosaic team, as well as the brave children who told their stories.
May you win many more awards and keep spreading the good word in the years to come!

Here’s Alex all ready to go…

Here’s the team collecting their prize…

*Award picture from BAFTA site

Watch the winning animations here:

Finally, a very important new project the Mosaic team are working on…

Nothing to Envy (Real Lives in North Korea)

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