Raclette Night at Aga’s Little Cafe

A few weeks ago, whilst browsing my local area forums (always good to keep up with the goss), I happened to read a comment that had me hot-footing it over to Twitter as fast as I could. Someone had mentioned that Aga’s little cafe were hosting a Raclette pop up in Kirkdale (Sydenham) on Friday nights and at the time, there were only a few weeks left before they were to close. I booked us in for that week without really knowing anthing much about what we’d get for the £20 we were being charged –  All I knew was that we’d get fed cheese, lots of cheese… SOLD!

There’s a bit of a funny story behind our night out –  We were the second couple to arrive and the first couple happened to include an ex-girlfriend of Alex’s from a very, very long time ago. All perfectly fine, but we were very conscious of the fact that they were out for a quiet night alone as they had a babysitter taking care of their child for the night. What can you do in that situation? We were seated at a table next to them and thought it was rude not to make conversation, but like us, they most probably wanted to dine out as a couple and catch up on things. Anyway, we ended up  chatting all night and had a lovely time, but I didn’t really go into blogger mode and failed to take any pictures of our food – I’m useless at doing that in front of people I’m not too familiar with. What a rubbish blogger I am.

Luckily for us all, Aga’s Raclette night has been extended until the end of May, so I booked again and we returned last night. This time round I took some pictures and we were a bit more relaxed, being alone and not worrying about being in anyone else’s way – we were also pretty elated that we’d be eating yet more delicious cheese!

Aga's Little Cafe

The lovely hosts are friendly and attentive. You can just about see on the board there that it’s says ‘all the cheese you can eat’ – We haven’t been able to manage more than one serving though.

Raclette Night at Aga's Little Cafe

Upon arrival, you are seated and can nibble on generous servings  of salad and bread until the main attraction arrives…

Aga's Little Cafe Sydenham

Red and white wine is available to buy for £4 a glass. They are very generous with the amount that is poured, however this is my only on gripe… I’d rather the white wine were a little more expensive and a bit nicer to taste. Alex opted for red each time and was more than happy. I think red is definitely the best option.

They also serve ale and beer from the Kernel Brewery.


The star of the show… Raclette is so simple yet so delicious!
Ogleshield cheese (which I heard them say was from Somerset – This is an ‘English version of Raclette’) melted and scraped onto boiled new potatoes, home cured pork, gerkins and chutney. I’d eat this everyday if I could!

All the Cheese you can Eat

After your main you are served with a shot of complimentary raspberry and chilli vodka. On both visits we have been offered a second shot and I been left with a satisfyingly fuzzy head each time!

Sydenham Pop Up

To finish things off you are served a refreshingly tasty plate of fruit. A perfect ending to a perfect night.
You can also opted to have a coffee made from Monmouth coffee beans, if that’s your thing.

Aga's Little Cafe Kirkdale
I’m so glad we heard about Raclette Night at Aga’s Little Cafe and the bonus is it is just a five minute walk from our house.  A little dangerous as we’ll definitely be going back for more.

Aga runs a deli & cafe in Forest Hill and the Pop up is located in Kirkdale, in a shop that has been empty for ages.
It seats around twenty and is open from 7.30pm on Friday nights.

You can book via Twitter, in the Deli or by calling 07889 760915.
I’m sure you can probably just walk in if you are passing if they are not fully booked.

I suggest you book soon!

Oh and here’s one I snapped on my phone the first time we went… How can you resist!?






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