Quick and Easy Iced Tea

I’m pretty much spending most of my time hanging out on the sofa with Betsy the chihuahua and Fat Cat today, whilst I recover from tooth implant number two. I’m not going to lie, yesterday’s trip to the dentist wasn’t exactly packed full of laughs, but this time round I seem to have a lot less swelling and I don’t seem to be in as much pain as I was the first time – It’s probably just because I’m getting used to it all after so many trips to the dentist, but I’ll roll with it if it means I’m going to be more resilient to any future torture!

I generally tend to crave a cup of tea when I’m feeling down or ill, but unfortunately I’m meant to avoid hot drinks for a little while, so I thought why not make some quick and easy iced tea and see if that helps… Hmm, didn’t think that one through really, as once I’d made it I remembered I’m also meant to avoid citrus fruits. Then I pretty quickly discovered that my mouth is also very sensitive to the cold! Iced tea fail, but it really does taste delicious, so I thought why not share this quick and easy Iced Tea recipe with you.

I’m sure many of you have made iced tea before and I’m probably one of the last to do it myself, but it’s what I felt like talking about today, so you’ve got the recipe whether you need it or not… Too kind Zoe, too kind! Always ahead of the game.

I kept it very simple, but you can most definitely adapt the tea to suit your tastes, using many different ingredients and different types of tea…

Add boiling water to two teabags (or more if you like it stronger) for about 5 minutes. Not too taxing.

Honey & Lemon Iced Tea

Remove the teabags and pour into a jug, if you are messy like me. Add one or two tablespoons of honey… I just went for a big squeeze. At this stage you can also add a few teaspoons of sugar if you like things sweet, but it while its hot so it dissolves.

Iced Tea

Add the juice of half a lemon.

Easy Iced Tea

Pour it into a jar or jug and fill it with cold water. Allow it to fully cool before putting it in the fridge. That’s it, you’re all done… Why, oh why, have I never made this before?!

Simple Iced tea

If you can’t wait for it to chill in the fridge, pour directly over ice and enjoy. Or if you have just been to the dentist, quickly remove the ice, take a sip and pretend to ignore the citrus… Just this once because you need a little pick me up!

Quick and Easy Iced Tea

I’ll be trying this in many different ways, once I’m fully recovered and would love for you to leave you favourite iced tea recipes below. Go on, you can do it!


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  1. louise worsley July 29, 2014 / 9:25 pm

    making this when i get back to northern ireland it taste better than the one we had in the market….xx

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