Pick Six: Advent Calendars

A few years ago, I made the mistake of treating myself to a Ciaté Mini Mani Month advent calendar. It didn’t feel like a mistake on day one, two or even three, but come day four I was wondering how the heck I was going to finish and store all of the polishes. I had to add a glass pot to my Christmas wish list and still, two years on, it’s full to the brim! Sometimes these things need a little more thought.

I’m not sure I’m going to go there again with the whole twenty four gifts that I’ll never be able to use up, but a girl can look, and looking is exactly what I have been doing. Many of the advent calendars on offer for 2014 don’t come cheap and this years Ciate Mini Mani Month comes in at £49, as opposed to the £38 a few years ago. Hefty, when you think that you could buy quite a selection of colours you actually want and will use, for the same amount.

Anyway, I thought I’d pick out a mixture of different calandars for you to cast your eyes on again. It’s not all about beauty now is it, so I’ve included a delectable chocolate one from Carluccios, a fill-your-own and even a (sort of) calendar full of tea. Yes, tea!


1: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate… What’s not to love?  Coming in at £11.95 this tasty little Carluccio calendar will definitely not go to waste in my house. How cute are those little chocolate figures?!



2: I don’t think I’ve ever possessed a full-sized yankee candle, but have purchased more than my fair share for family presents in the past – they love a bit of Yankee and would no doubt love to get their mitts on this calendar, which contains 24 festive tealights for £21.99


3: Pop anything you like in these date marked paper boxes from John Lewis – Perhaps a few pounds  more than I’d like to pay  onsidering you have to buy gifts to fill them as well, but you can reuse them if they are opened with care, and not damaged like everything I tend to open!

John Lews Advent Calendar


4: I love this idea! Post Tea are offering a presentation box containing 24 tea sachets, twine for stringing up, 25 mini pegs, a metal ball tea strainer, a guide to your teas and a special Christmas Day treat all for £29.99. Definitely one for tea lovers!

Tea Advent Calendar

5: If you love the Body Shop then this is the one for you! Packed full of their products for £50. I’m sure if you keep an eye out they’ll be a Body Shop code that you can use to get money off. They love a discount code !

Body Shop Advent

6: This spot was held for the Benefit Candy Coated Countdown calendar, but alas it sold out in a flash! So, let’s do one for the kids –  This cute Nutcracker theme jewellery box comes with a  bracelet and 23 charms. Priced at a reasonable £19.50.

Nutcracker Calendar


Until next time x


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  1. Sam Farmer November 5, 2014 / 8:36 am

    Great blog babe, never knew there were so many types of advent calendar!! Xo

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