Paul Temple And Some Shut Eye

When I first met Alex, I thought he was a little (lot) bit weird because he liked to listen to talking books. Oh, how I used to laugh at him for listening to stories in the car. He’s been into old radio shows like Hancock’s Half Hour forever and is particularly partial to a bit of 1950’s sci-fi, including the many episodes of Journey Into Space… Boy, did I laugh!

Over the past seven years, Alex has tried to get me to join in on his odd little obsession. Time after time, I refused. He tried in the car, he tried in bed (naughty), and he also tried whilst we were off relaxing in the sun, on holiday. Finally, last summer I gave in and now I, myself have turned into a radio show listening weirdo. Go on… Laugh!

As with everything in life, I’m extremely picky about what I listen to. First and foremost, I have to be in the right mood. I’ve discovered listening to a show often helps me wind down before I go to sleep. I used to lie in bed with my brain ticking over thinking about work/life etc, but now I have something to distract and send me to sleep.

I’ve only really agreed to listen to a detective serial called Paul Temple, so far. There are loads of the blighters, as the show ran for thirty years from 1938-1968. I guess the Paul Temple books are more popular than the recordings these days, but I genuinely love listening to the upper class British accents of Paul and his wife Steve and hearing different parts of London being mentioned, as they travel around to solve crimes. Why, only last night they mentioned dodgy Lewisham!

When I was younger, I used to find it extremely hard to put any book down until I had entirely finished it. When it comes to listening to something in bed, I find that I easily drift off to sleep within about twenty minutes. We generally set the timer to turn the iPod off, but the other week Alex forgot and I was lying there for hours and hours. I was totally gripped to the story that was unfolding before my very ears. This was no good at all – I was exhausted the next day!

I have no idea what I’ll move onto next, if anything at all. Alex has yet to find anything else that I have  enjoyed and been prepared to give five minutes of my time to. For now, we will probably rinse Paul Temple to death… From there, we will see.

I’m currently listening to The Jonathan Mystery – Which has been my favourite so far.

Do you have any recommendations for us weirdos to listen to? Feel free to share.

If you’d like to test out some Paul Temple then head to BBC iplayer – There are usually some there.
I personally prefer the ones with Peter Cooke playing Paul Temple. These ran from around 1954 – 1968

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  1. Alice January 31, 2012 / 11:30 pm

    I have to admit to finding the womens hour podcast lovely and soothing if I’m stressed and can t get to sleep at night. Works within 15 minutes every time, plus it makes me feel v intelligent. I should listen more really xx

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