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When Panache contacted me to ask if I’d like to try out one of their bras, I had to respond by saying something along the lines of  “Alas, I do not have sufficient boobage to fit one of your fine looking bras!”. I then sat and thought for a moment and remembered that I have a (not so) little sister who seems to have acquired a fair share of my portion. I knew that she’d love to try out Panache and they were kind enough to let her do so.

As I was giving Zara the gift of a beautiful new brassiere, I had to find some work for her to do in exchange. I mean, what kind of sister would I be if I didn’t at least teach her the lesson that you don’t get something for nothing in this world?!

Time to ask the girl that stole most of the family boob supply some questions about how it feels to be a little bit larger than most…

Hi Zara. Do you have separate bras for work and home?
No, I work as a waitress and I usually find the bras I wear at home to be comfortable enough for work. I generally find it difficult to find bras that I like that also fit well, so once I find one, I wear it all the time!

You’ve had a few Interviews lately – Do you feel more comfortable if you’re wearing a nice bra to these?
Yes, there’s no doubt about it! If I have a nice bra on, I find that I feel a lot more confident in myself, which is always a good feeling when you are under pressure.

Ever had any underwear disasters at work?
I always seem to have bra strap problems! If I don’t have a good bra on, the straps always fall down. Once at work, my bra strap actually snapped! I was wearing a bra that fitted perfectly, but I had worn it to death… The strap came undone, but luckily no one noticed and I just had to tie it up until the end of my shift!

Neutrals vs. patterned – which do you prefer for work?
I usually go for plain bras at work, as we have a uniform and patterns tend to show through.

How did you find the Panache Bra?
I’d never heard of Panache before, but this bra was a really pleasant surprise. It is really comfortable, has great support and  unlike many bras I’ve bought in the past, the underwire does not dig in or rub at all. I chose the masquerade design, but there are plenty more that I like. I’ll definitely be purchasing more or adding them to my Christmas list for you to buy!

How do you feel about stealing most of the family boob supply?
I’m very happy with my boobage thanks!

So, there you have it… I’ve never mentioned my sister before and now you know plenty about her taste in underwear! Panache Lingerie is a leading D plus lingerie specialist that has built its reputation on 3 core values: Fit, Support and Comfort – They seem to have impressed my little sis, so why not go test them out for yourself if you are looking for a better fit and for ideal comfort.

I love the look of many of the Panache lingerie sets – You can see more on the website HERE.




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  1. Sian November 2, 2012 / 9:52 pm

    Fab post, made me chuckle! “boobage” hehe xx

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