My top 5 summer listens

My top 5 summer listens

It’s a well-known fact that despite working for a large house and techno event company, I’m actually not that into the music. It’s not that I don’t appreciate all styles of music, but play me techno for more than half and hour or so, and I’ll be requesting something with a bit more of a melody soon after.

Alex and I often argue over the music he plays in his car because even though we have a lot of similar tastes, for some reason he just doesn’t seem to be able to read my mind and play the music that I fancy at the time. Useless.

When it’s time for us to go away on holiday, I try my darndest to get a few playlists in order, just so I have a little more control over the tunes. It’s not however always easy creating these when you never know the names of tracks… Yes, I’m that useless. The day Google allows you to locate a song when you sing into your mic, will be a good day indeed!*

Anyway, I digress. I’m actually here to give you the privilege of tuning into my Top 5 summer listens. Don’t say that I never treat you! I did have to ask Alex to remind me of the songs I really liked, but we finally got there in the end.

First up, a French electronic disco record that makes it on to virtually all of our playlists, however, it’s most at home on a summer selection. Perfect for when the sun goes down, and you’re getting ready to go out. The combination of funky synths and disco strings are right up my street.

I loved the album ‘Kaytra to Do’ by Kaytanada, and Hot Jazzybelle is one of my top tracks. Unfortunately, the second album didn’t quite hit the mark for me. Don’t you just hate it when that happens!

Sebastien Tellier is a big name in the French Electronic music scene and is well-known for working with major French artists over there including Daft Punk and Air (he even represented France in Eurovision a few years ago). He makes a lot of banging techno, but it is the gentler side of his music that I like the most, and La Ritournelle definitely makes it to my Top 5 Summer listens.

Yet another Frenchman – It wasn’t planned that way honest! You can’t beat a bit of 70s French Reggae on a hot Summer’s day, and no one does it quite like Serge Gainsbourg.

I discovered Bonzai when he was added to a lineup for one of the events I’m working on. It’s great driving music, and I can see this getting a lot of plays on one of our holiday drives.

Ok, so I’m cheating and adding in a sixth… The legend that is Bowie deserves to make it onto every list, always.

Let me know your favourite tracks for summer listening below – I love discovering new music!

My top 5 Summer listens post was written in collaboration with HMV. All opinions are my own.

*Just found out there’s an app for that. Amazing…. although it clearly didn’t like my singing and couldn’t recognise the tunes.

Until next time x

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A little tour of our home

I’ve been meaning to take you on a little tour of our home for a while now, but we still haven’t actually completed everything since we moved, in January. These things take time, people! Even though we’re not quite at the finishing hurdle, things are looking good. We love that we have so much more space than our last place and although I do sorely miss our old balcony, my very own Hobbit dressing room, and the large hallway just about make up for it!

We live in a Victorian building, which is home to five flats. We’re on the top floor – I don’t think we’d ever live under someone because of the noise. With both of us being freelance and working from home it’s always better to be the noise maker! This is the first time I’ve lived in a home that has had an open-plan kitchen, and although it can sometimes be a bit of pain, it opens up the flat and creates lots of light. Before we moved in, our builder laid new wood floor throughout – I really love dark floors, so we opted for those once again.


We still need to get some blinds for the kitchen area, but the window is so massive, we simply haven’t quite got round to that scary task. We’re not overlooked, but I think it will add a nice touch of softness to the room once it’s done. It’s not cheap putting in blinds though, is it?!

Unfortunately, the new space wasn’t big enough to home our 1970s smoked glass table, but I managed to find an equally nice round table, and we just hung onto the chairs. We replaced all of the old radiators with Victorian-style ones, and I have to say it’s one of the best decisions we made. LOVE!

Dining area

We’ve still got our 99p Ebay unit and had to purchase a new small table from Swoon Editions as there wasn’t really enough room to have the layout the same as our old pad with tables/units at either side of the sofa.

Lounge two

When we renovated, we replaced the countertop and tiles in the kitchen and added in extra cupboards, for our mugs and glass hoarding problem.


I created a little work area in the bedroom, but have never actually used it, so we’re eventually going to relocate that into one of the small side rooms that we have. I won’t be showing you those, as one is currently a utility room, and the other houses the cat litter and our junk. I told you it was work in progress! The aim in the bedroom is to add more art to the walls and replace the desk area with a cosy seating arrangement… For Fat Cat, no doubt.

Bedroom Work Area

We kept the bedside tables cheap and cheerful by purchasing Bekvam from Ikea and hacking them. Bargain.

Bed Area Bedroom Bedroom

Here’s the old bathroom, which we totally gutted…

Bathroom before

… and here’s our new one. As you can see, we’re yet to finish the wallpapering. We ran out of paper and had to wait for a new roll, alas the builder had left by then, and I think Alex is a little scared to do it. I love wallpaper in bathrooms, and this one by Christian Lacroix cost a pretty penny, but it makes all the difference. Due the layout of the flat, the bathroom has two doors, which is a little odd.

Bathroom Wallpaper

It’s only a hallway, but this has to be one of my favourite parts of the house…

Home Library

Drinks Trolley

Alex uses the second bedroom as his studio. It’s the biggest room in the house, and I sent him in there with his very own wardrobe so I could have the dressing room (mostly) to myself.


Retro Room with bar



Hallyway Stairs and Carpet

There you have it. That’s my home, with more to be revealed as soon as we’ve finished it.

What do you think?

Until next time x

Delicious Vegan Food in Paris

When I mentioned to Alex that I wanted to try and eat in ‘vegan only’ restaurants during our trip to Paris last week, I could see the sadness in his eyes! We bloody love French restaurants, but since eating more of a plant-based diet things just became that little bit more tricky on our trips away. Searching for good vegan food in Paris never used to be such an easy task, but luckily for us, Parisians seem to have adapted pretty well now, and there is so much more to choose from.

We tried three different places while we were away this time, and all of them were pretty darn good. Naturally, we went straight in for the junk food and Hank Vegan Burger was our first port of call.

Hank Vegan Burger

This picture probably isn’t suitable for a sales pitch (It’s quite a task to make a lot of vegan food look pretty!), but the vegan burgers at Hank, might possibly be one of the best we’ve tasted so far. The texture was just right, service was swift, staff were friendly, and the vegan mayonnaise was something special indeed.

Vegan Burger Paris

Up next on our list was Le Potager Du Marais. A more pricey affair, this restaurant had its quirks. Service was quite slow and a little odd, even though there weren’t many lunchtime customers, but the food came out quite quickly once ordered. Alex opted for the Quinoa Burger, and I went for the Spinach and Walnut Lasagne. Both were delicious. I’d definitely go back for more.

Vegan Food in Paris

Le Potager du Marais

On our last day, we ventured to Las Vegans. In all honesty, I was mainly here for the doughnuts, but being lunchtime, we also decided to take a pit stop and try and start with something a little more healthy! Las Vegans is a popular place, and mainly for its snack foods. With just a little seating outside, I imagine it’s best to take away and enjoy your food in a park somewhere. Both of our dishes were superb and really filling…

Paris Vegan Las Vegans Salad

…Of course, we saved a little space for these blighters. I’m not kidding you when I say that, vegan or not, you need to try one of their banana and caramel doughnuts at some point in your life! The chocolate one was a little dense for my liking but still packed a punch with the taste.

Vegan Doughnuts

I’m looking forward to heading back to Paris soon to try out more of its vegan offerings in different areas, that’s for sure.

Until next time x

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Selfridges Summer Beauty Box

I must not buy more beauty boxes, I must not buy more beauty boxes. Oh, look! There’s a new Selfridges Summer Beauty Box… Maybe I’ll treat myself to one. Oops.

When I purchased my last box, I swore to myself that I’d never go back, but you know me… I’m a fickle so and so, and I have a feeling we often have this conversation! I simply can’t resist a good deal and clearly need more products in my life, when I literally have no more space to put things. This girl needs help.

Having restrained myself for a whole month (I’ve got another fab box to tell you about soon), I decided to purchase the Selfridges Summer Box, which I picked up from the store on Saturday. It’s a pretty hefty package, and for a change, I’m likely to use every single one of the products. I’m particularly excited to try out the Zoeva Crease Brush, The First Aid Beauty Mist, and the Illamasqua Sketch Stick, which I received in the colour Fly.

It’s not quite such a good deal as the one back in 2012, which came in at £15 for £140 worth of products, but still, at £35 for £159 worth of products, it’s pretty good. These things usually sell out fast, so grab yours now if you want one.

Selfridges Summer Beuaty Box

Selfridges Beuaty Box

The Selfridges Summer Beauty Box Includes:

  • Aesop Rind Body Balm 50ml
  • Tangle Teezer Original
  • Zoeva Luxe Crease Brush
  • Beauty Blender 1x Micro Mini & Liquid Cleanser
  • Eyeko Alexa Eyeliner
  • Illamasqua Sketch Stick or Stila Lip Glaze
  • First Aid Beauty Vitamin Hydrating Mist 59ml
  • Clarins Eau des Jardins Smoothing Body Cream
  • Philip Kingsley Swimcap
  • Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF50
  • Alphabet Bags cosmetics bag

Until next time x

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Breast Cancer Care – Pink Ribbonwalk

If you follow me on one of the many social media platforms, you’ll know by now that last I have had my final Herceptin injection and that all of my hospital visits have now come to an end. If you haven’t heard the news, then clearly you need to up your social media game. Anyway, hurrah for final injections!

You don’t know how relieved I am that I can finally move on and never have to hang out in hospital waiting rooms again. If I’m honest, I feel like  a bit of an anomaly – It seems that a lot of the blogs and comments that I read  from other younger Cancer patients, seem to portray a struggle to move on after treatment, but (oddly?) I feel completely healthy – It’s almost as though it never happened.  I’m sure there must be other people like me. Please tell me there are. I really wouldn’t want anyone to find it a struggle to move on.

The way I see it is that if we worry about cancer coming back, then it has won. If I think about it daily, then it has won again. It’s just not going to happen. I’m going to live my life, and if it does come back, then I’ll win it all over again. There is plenty for me to be getting on with and cancer isn’t one of them.

Speaking of getting on with things… I recently did the unthinkable and walked ten miles for Breast Cancer Care. I know ten miles may not seem like a long way to a lot of people, but this is coming from a bit of a lazy slug, who struggles to keep active because I’m drawn to sitting in front of my laptop and working. Things are slowly changing, and on a whim a while back I signed both myself and Alex up to do the Pink Ribbonwalk. He loved it… in the end!

Anyway, thanks to family and friends, I managed to raise £384.77 and even though we were a little sore from trying to complete it as quickly as possible, we came away happy that we’d done it. I’m sure it took us a little longer than necessary because of all the pictures we were taking in the first part of the walk, but what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t do that, eh? ;)

Pink Ribbon Walk

London Tower Bridge London

Alex & Zoe

City Hall

The show must go on

Until next time x


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