Oversized Clothing Trend

The return of the oversized clothing trend for Autumn/ Winter (2012/2013) was not such thrilling news for someone who is as vertically challenged as myself. Petites have a hard enough time as it is, lusting over large handbags that we can barley hang on our arm, as well battling to fit in to normal-sized clothing that simply drowns us – Add an oversized trend to the mix and you will find yourself at a total loss!

My finance (Alex), is also on the small size and used to find that AllSaints extra small would fit like a glove. However, since oversized came back in fashion, he has certainly been struggling to find anything that fits. It’s such a shame as he is in dire need of some new clothes! I do find it odd that barely anything in AllSaints fits him anymore – Can’t we have a mix of all styles and sizes rather than over doing just one?!… And what is with all these exceptionally wide neck tees for men? Yuk!

Anyway, if I could add a few (a lot) of inches to my height, then here are some of the oversized options that I’d most probably be fighting the urge to bag.

Oversized Trend

1: Diesel Multicoloured Jersey Jumper Dress
2: Zoe Jacket
3: Kenzo Navy Wool Blend Cocoon Jacket
4: Suno Blouson Top


Oversized Coats, Dresses & Jumpers

1: Tucker’s lightweight knitted coat
3: Ivana Helsinki Wool Dress Jacquard Contrast
4: GAR-DE Cardigan


Are you lucky enough to be able to wear this trend?

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