Numidie Bar and Bistro – Crystal Palace

It was lucky enough to have a break from my usual late night shifts this weekend, so I spent most of the weekend eating, drinking and shopping – All three of my favourite things! We stayed local on Friday night and chose to eat at The Numidie Bar and Bistro in Crystal Palace. There are so many great places to eat in the area and it is taking some time to test them all out, so this was our first visit.

Numidie serves Algerian and French food in a really lovely atmosphere with great service. I’d say booking is essential at the weekend as it seems to be a hugely popular place. To start, we opted for a platter for two to share, mainly because I wanted to try all of the starters on the list! – It consisted of Merguez, bric, spiced potatoes, hummus, olives, all served alongside warm home-made bread and a side salad. The hummus was utterly delicious, as was everything else actually.

For the main course, Alex chose to have ‘Merguez couscous’ – Traditional North African spicy sausages served with mixed vegetables and a mixed pepper compote on a bed of soft steamed couscous. He’d already consumed quite a bit of sausage from the starter platter (obviously didn’t think that one through), but he loved it all the same! My main course of rabbit tagine was also extremely tasty, and there was plenty of food to keep me sufficiently stuffed for the whole night.

Moving on to desserts, I decided to opt for a French Martini (liquid pudding!) and Alex had Tarte Tatin. We were just about ready to head home when the waiter asked if we’d like a free glass of Processco to drink down in the basement bar. We had been pretty undecided about heading down to the bar, but that sealed the deal, so down we went, only to leave about two and a half hours later!

The basement bar is only a small place but plays host to regular live music and open mic nights. The musicians who played on Friday night were extremely comical and talented, which is why we ended up staying for so long and consuming more cocktails than necessary! I have to say the cocktails were extremely well made and were very fairly priced compared to many London cocktail bars. The bar is a real gem of a place, with late opening hours (until 2am) and a truly eclectic crowd of local regulars, which make it even more of an appealing place to visit.

So, there you have it. My Friday night out (away from the clubs). The only gripe I had with Numidie was that they placed us by the door, which was continuously being opened and closed throughout our meal, creating a rather nippy draft each time. I’d certainly recommend you try it out if you are in the area – Take the bus or train, so you can test out plenty of the cocktails!


What did you get up to this weekend?

 Only a few pictures from the night because the restaurant was too dark, and then I was too tipsy to remember!

Numidie Bar and Bistro - Crystal Palace


Numidie Bar and Bistro Crystal Palace


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