Not so Easy (Jet)

Well, we finally made it to Spain a few days ago after spending what seemed like forever packing up our house ready for the one way ‘swap’ with the Australian couple. As usual we were cutting it pretty fine to make our flight and I’d only had a few hours sleep before we left. Never again will I book a flight that leaves before 6am. NEVER!

My hatred for easy jet has increased tenfold. First off, we got to the bag drop to find the one shared bag we had weighed 22kg instead of the required 20kg per bag each. So, instead of two bags with a total of 40 kg, Easyjet decided to fine us £20 for sharing and reducing… Lovely. Thanks for that.

We decided to treat ourselves to speedy boarding for this flight, only to find that everyone was going to be crammed onto a bus that would take us to the plane anyway! All six of us foolish enough to think we deserved a slightly more luxurious type of travel were shipped onto the bus at the same time as the rest of the scrum. This was definitely one of those occasions where we should have just pushed and shoved like the best of them in the mad dash to get a seat near our hand luggage. Money wastage… I think so.

It was pouring down with rain in London when we boarded. I was soaked and my copy of Grazia took a battering, shielding me from the downpour. It was either loose the mag or frizz up the hair and the hair won. In the end it didn’t really matter, as the minute I stepped off the plane into the Malaga heat, my hair doubled in size anyway!

Not ones for an easy life, we then had a mini crisis as we went to pick up the hire car. Alex didn’t have a pin number for his visa card as he presumed we could sign for everything. Alas, the rather brash and very rude woman  at the Record Go car hire  reception  told us that the (made up) ‘law of Spain’ was chip and pin only and we could not use a visa debit or pay buy cash. We were stranded for about an hour and a half until I took out my Visa card and took a stab at remembering the pin number I hadn’t used for about 2 years! Luckily on the third attempt it went through and we were out of there and met by our little run around smart car. We had originally booked our car on the comparison site car hire 3000 who were very helpful but I’d suggest avoiding Record Go at all costs.

Since then, everything has got much better and I’m now totally relaxed, but struggling in the sweltering heat. I shall blog more about the good times soon. Until then… Meet our holiday hire car that nearly never was and me in the car (bored and tired).


Half the size of a normal car. Good job we only had one suitcase.

Car Hire


Forgot the sat nav sucker…  Always forget something!

Hire Car

Me. Bored in the car.





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2 Responses

  1. Yvonne Duffield August 7, 2011 / 4:50 pm

    The speedy boarding can be a bit of a race at the best of times, but putting you all on the bus together is just crazy. The journey out is always fraught, hope you get to chill out and relax now you’re there (drink lots of Sangria).

  2. Jason Regan (@jasonsputnik) August 24, 2011 / 7:54 pm

    Had a similarly irritating experience in Ibiza in June, also after booking with CarHire 3000 who have always sorted us out excellently in Portugal. The hire firm in Eivissa airport were really difficult about accepting my Visa debit despite the fact I’d already paid in full with it. Speedy boarding generally means you’re first on the coach – which also implies last off!

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