No One Ever Gave Me The Spring Clean Rule Book

Well, we’ve done our massive spring clean, ready for our yearly exchange with our house-swapping friends from Paris. It took a while as we’ve been a bit slack with the dusting, but there’s nothing better than that spangly clean feeling! When I say spring clean, what I actually mean is that we’ve hidden everything we don’t need in the attic. Don’t judge me… No one ever gave me the spring clean rule book, okay!

We’ve taken over the in laws for a few days and are then heading to Devon for a long weekend from Friday. It’s seems like ages since we were last there, but we just haven’t had a long weekend free for a while. We’re using the Paris pad over the summer and I guess, like all Parisians, our French friends will be heading to the south of France. Such a hard life!

It’s been a while since I introduced Betsy the Chihuahua to the blog, but she loves traipsing around with us and she especially loves a trip to the sea. She’ll be two in a few weeks, so we might treat her to a few of Rick Stein’s finest fish and chips if she’s lucky (she’s always lucky). Fat Cat gets to spend some more quality time with Alex’s parents, which he loves – Somehow he always comes back a reformed slimmer version of his old self. Everyone’s a winner!

We are actually going to get to spend some a bit of time with our home-swapping buddies tonight. We usually only have time to do a quick key changeover, but this time round we’re going to get together and chat about a potential longer term exchange. Hopefully it will all pan-out, but if it doesn’t we’re more than happy with our once/twice yearly trip. I really do need to buff up on my French if we go for more than a week!

I’ve got lots of blog posts planned as soon as I get back. Lucky you!  I’ve been testing a few skincare products that I’m pretty happy with and we’ve got a last supper dinner booked in somewhere lovely in London, which I hope makes for much picture drooling! I’m treating myself before implant number two happens in a few weeks…. boooo.

Until next time x

Happy (nearly) Birthday Betsy!

No One Ever Gave Me The Spring Clean Rule Book

Besty & Fat Cat

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