Day One In New York

We arrived in New York at about 8.30pm last night, after one of those flights that seems to take an absolute age. Neither of us were feeling great, but once we arrived at the AirBnb apartment we are staying in, we felt miraculously better and could finally get into holiday mode! We’re staying in Chelsea for most of this trip and have yet to book our last nights accommodation… Living on the edge because I can’t bring myself to pay the crazy prices the hotels are asking for and I still haven’t found someone who wants to rent their home out to us for one night only. There’s no doubt we’ll end up in the first hotel I looked at months ago!

Today we decided to stroll around until we could stroll no more. I’m exahuasted, but we’ve had a great day. The weather has been lovely and we’ve just about sussed out where everything is from our last visit five or so years ago. I thought I’d just do a picture heavy post for you as I currently resting my weary legs and relaxing for a few hours.

Here goes – Some of the things we did on day one in New York…

Alex waiting for me to get ready, as usual.  We’re staying in a great little place with everything we need.


Our first stop this morning was Chelsea Market. The place is packed with what looks like some great places to eat, but we were a little early for lunch, so I made the logical decision to have some gelato for my mid morning snack…

Chelsea Market copy

Chelsea Market NYC

I read somewhere that L’arte del Gelato does the best gelato in town, and I have to say that it was extremely delicious.

L'Arte del Gelato


Next stop – Blue Bottle Coffee for Alex. He said it’s the best coffee he’s ever had… I’m not sure whether to believe him as he says that every time he discovers a new coffee!

Blue Bottle Coffee

Then we hit the High Line (a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side), which wasn’t here last time we visited. Was a bit blustery up there as you can see… A really great and alternative way to see part of the city.

Breezy High Line

View From the High Line

Our #Selfie which was nearly ruined by someone asking if we wanted her to take our picture. Not so cool.


All that walking had made us hungry so we stopped in at Bill’s Bar and Burger for the juiciest burgers you ever did eat (despite their slightly non-glamorous exteriors). Alex went for the bacon and cheddar…

Bill's Burger Bar

… and how could I not have the Fat Cat?!

Bill's Fat Cat

Wasn’t that Fat, but was sure filling!

Fat Cat Burger

I wish we did sweet potato fries as well as the Americans…

Sweet Potato Fries

All served with two ice cold beers, which went down very well indeed – Bill’s Brew and Cold Ass.


Then we took a stroll through Hell’s Kitchen before heading back to our apartment for a pitt stop.
Then it was back out again for more.

Hell's Kitchen


Now, I’m off for a snooze.

Until next time x

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