My top 5 summer listens

My top 5 summer listens

It’s a well-known fact that despite working for a large house and techno event company, I’m actually not that into the music. It’s not that I don’t appreciate all styles of music, but play me techno for more than half and hour or so, and I’ll be requesting something with a bit more of a melody soon after.

Alex and I often argue over the music he plays in his car because even though we have a lot of similar tastes, for some reason he just doesn’t seem to be able to read my mind and play the music that I fancy at the time. Useless.

When it’s time for us to go away on holiday, I try my darndest to get a few playlists in order, just so I have a little more control over the tunes. It’s not however always easy creating these when you never know the names of tracks… Yes, I’m that useless. The day Google allows you to locate a song when you sing into your mic, will be a good day indeed!*

Anyway, I digress. I’m actually here to give you the privilege of tuning into my Top 5 summer listens. Don’t say that I never treat you! I did have to ask Alex to remind me of the songs I really liked, but we finally got there in the end.

First up, a French electronic disco record that makes it on to virtually all of our playlists, however, it’s most at home on a summer selection. Perfect for when the sun goes down, and you’re getting ready to go out. The combination of funky synths and disco strings are right up my street.

I loved the album ‘Kaytra to Do’ by Kaytanada, and Hot Jazzybelle is one of my top tracks. Unfortunately, the second album didn’t quite hit the mark for me. Don’t you just hate it when that happens!

Sebastien Tellier is a big name in the French Electronic music scene and is well-known for working with major French artists over there including Daft Punk and Air (he even represented France in Eurovision a few years ago). He makes a lot of banging techno, but it is the gentler side of his music that I like the most, and La Ritournelle definitely makes it to my Top 5 Summer listens.

Yet another Frenchman – It wasn’t planned that way honest! You can’t beat a bit of 70s French Reggae on a hot Summer’s day, and no one does it quite like Serge Gainsbourg.

I discovered Bonzai when he was added to a lineup for one of the events I’m working on. It’s great driving music, and I can see this getting a lot of plays on one of our holiday drives.

Ok, so I’m cheating and adding in a sixth… The legend that is Bowie deserves to make it onto every list, always.

Let me know your favourite tracks for summer listening below – I love discovering new music!

My top 5 Summer listens post was written in collaboration with HMV. All opinions are my own.

*Just found out there’s an app for that. Amazing…. although it clearly didn’t like my singing and couldn’t recognise the tunes.

Until next time x

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