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Alex asked everyone to contribute towards some ASOS vouchers for my birthday last month because I’d seen a denim jacket that I liked on the site. When I went to buy it, I decided to do my usual money saving investigating and found it for £40 cheaper on another site. I initially wasn’t sure it was the exact same jacket as the image on the other site wasn’t great, but I took the chance anyway and was quite chuffed with my find when it turned out to be the one I wanted.

One month later I still have a large chunk of my voucher money waiting to be spent… Why is it that when you actually have the funds you can’t find anything to spend them on?!

Anyway, I thought I’d share my most recent purchases with you all – You lucky people!

1: I’ve been in need of a black bag for some time now. I’ve had my Paul and Joe Sister clutch for a few years, and this Topshop bag gives me a bit more space for stashing stuff when I go out. I’ve removed the heart and the handle actually extends, so you can wear it across your body if you’d rather.

2: I used part of my ASOS voucher for this Rare lace dress. I wasn’t sure it would suit me, but it’s actually pretty decent. After attending the Grey Goose Taste By Appointment event, I realised I didn’t have anything  to wear out to nights in slightly classier places – I’m in need of a entire wardrobe overhaul that’s for sure!

3: This is the Pepe (Mikas) Jacket I made a huge saving on. It’s actually a slightly darker blue than in the above image and matches all the clothes that my light Pepe Jacket doesn’t. Yes, I have now have two! Unfortunately, it appears to have shot back up in price, but keep an eye on Zalando, as they seem to have a lot of great offers all of the time. You can also pick it up here at ASOS. Here’s how I wear the jacket…


4: Now, I’ve been trying really hard to banish store emails from my inbox by unsubscribing, but when Buyapower sent me an email mentioning a Moroccanoil Four-Piece pampering set, I just had to purchase it. Since I finished up my other bottles earlier in the year, my hair just hasn’t felt that great. I tried to replace it with the cheaper Boots Moroccan argan oil, but it’s just not the same. The shampoo and conditioner are only small bottles, but the treatment works really well for my hair. This little lot was £35.00 and is likely to keep me going for quite some time.

5: My local high street and I have not been getting on so well. There isn’t really much of interest on it for me. Superdrug is about the only store where I find myself buying more than I should. Nail varnishes are a cheap and cheerful way to cheer myself up and I have all of the above Barry M colours.

6: I’m a sucker for bright skirts. Alex always jokes about the crazy patterns I wear! I love the colour of this Topshop skirt (£28.00) and generally wear it like this…

So, there you have it. All the items that I have been squandering my hard earned cash on.
Now, I just need to find something to spend the rest of my vouchers on!

Have a great weekend x

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  1. Yvonne Mannix Duffield July 20, 2012 / 10:13 pm

    Love all of the above. I’ve had no joy in the sales here though I did get a bag and some shoes for £10 each online.

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