Must Have Beach Bags 2014

I absolutely love a relaxing beach holiday, but it has been quite some time since we’ve taken one. Booo. Our last beach trip was way back in August 2011, when we went to the Costa Del Sol. Where on earth has the time gone?! I was expecting it to be a few years max, since we donned our shades and swimsuits, but was pretty shocked at the amount of time that has lapsed! Since then, we have unintentionally opted for city getaways, which have all been amazing, but I am starting to crave a little beach action and feel I need to put the wheels in motion for some summertime lazin’. Who’s with me?

In preperation for my holiday planning (dreams), I’ve been browsing the stores for this seasons must have beach bags – I don’t even think I own one at the moment and if I do it will surely be lying in a moth-eaten state somewhere in our attic… Always a good excuse to purchase something new!

Below are a few of my top beach bags for 2014. Now I’m off to check out some flight prices and try and cram in some work to pay for them…

Must Have Beach Bags 2014

From top left to bottom right:

1: New Look – Pink Palm Tree Shopper Bag
2: John Lewis – City Canvas Stripe Shopper Handbag, Neon Pink
3: Seafolly  – Palm Springs Shopper Bag
4: LK Bennett – Whitley Canvas Beach Bags

Must have beach bags

From top left to bottom right:

1: Barts Bickerton Tote Bag
2: Brakeburn Stripe Beach Beach Bag
3: <Rip Curl HALEIWA – Tote bag
4: Koku – Ioli appliquéd neon canvas tote



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  1. Steph May 29, 2014 / 12:51 am

    Love these! I am also dreaming of a trip to the beach.

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