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The other night, Alex and I went to the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith to see a play called Desire Under The Elms. I used to be a regular visitor to the Lyric many moons ago and often went with my friend Bernice, who now (sadly) lives back in Australia. When I moved from West to South London, my Lyric attendance lowered and when I finally left my West London job we stopped going altogether. The trek from South to West London can be an absolute nightmare and as much as I love the West, I’m always put off by the longer-than-necessary traffic jams and tube delays.

The Lyric is a lovely theatre and I’ve seen many a play there before they have exploded onto the West End or worldwide. I don’t think I have seen many things there that have failed to impress and after my visit the other day, I’m keen to add it back onto my schedule of regular outings –  Even with the trek across town!

I’ve read very mixed reviews about Desire Under The Elms, but I liked it. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve seen at the Lyric, but the tickets were cheap (by most standards), and the acting as always, was superb.

For the past six years, the venue have been fundraising to make impressive changes to the theatre space. The aim is to add new drama, dance, film and TV recording studios; a 60-seat cinema; and a new bar and cafe. They also aim to ‘become one of the most sustainable cultural buildings in London with a Green Roof; almost 100% LED lighting; and reclaimed furniture’.

It’s a massive and costly project which everyone can donate to. I will be donating what I can soon, as a thank you for all the happy times and memories that the theatre has provided me with. If you haven’t been yourself and live within commuting distance, then I urge you to book tickets to an upcoming play… Feel free to book me one too!


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